Poetry: The Victim’s Eye

The author has been an avid reader of the headlines in the recent months, and was a little quite unsettled to what the latest “Fad” has been centered on (author’s note: ‘a little’ was too underrated). The author dislikes the amount of attention that these reprobates received, and at one point the author feels the dislike borders on the edge of jealousy (Shocking!). Perhaps it is time the media shows lesser care on what these reprobates are doing, so that they may look upon themselves as a bunch of silly douche-bags, and reflect on what they had done (or shall be doing) with their lives.

Death is but an area that is either acceptable, or taboo, depending on how one views the topic. The author embraces the fact that Death will come for the author one fine day, when least expected. But so far, Death chose to distance itself away from the author (must be the unusually crazy amount of paperwork Death have to deal with when it finally comes to claim the author for all the deeds done: good or bad). But for now, the author just wants to talk about death, a term that seems hooked on to the current group of douche-bags and their penchant for doing things without a solid goal or reason; just talk; and talk big like an empty vessel they can. The author hopes to convey the feelings of the dead by this group, and with that, maybe from that perspective, a form of reflection to those who plan on joining this crazy group who have no goals, no future at all.

The author’s warning to these “thrill seekers”: Are you 101% certain HE would want any of these?

So here goes the author’s raw attempt at poetry:

The Victim’s eye

How it must have felt

To taste;

The cold steel of a barrel

Loaded and ready always.

At the slightest touch of a finger.

It moves.

Life changes; – both of us

“How dies it feel?” –

You’d ask yourself;

Won’t you take a good look

In all your glory;

The mirror at the back of your head.

– Is this Glory?

Or is this just your head…

The blood you dipped your hands in.

Let it stain your face. Lick it.

Do you like it?

Life changes; – Both of us.

Regrets be a thing of your past.

From the depths of the cold steel barrel;

Locked and loaded. Ready.


Are you ‘Man’ enough to read this?

What is the definition of Man? Has it even been stated as the dominant half of the human species? Can you find one article that states squarely that man (in the male sense of the species), is the rightful dominant half of the human species, without any implication of chauvinism or misogyny whatsoever? I however, do not deny the many literary texts that sing praises of the male species more significantly superior than female. I do not deny that there are many reasons why they are being termed as more superior. This mainly is because male human species genetically built to endure heavier manual work load due to muscle structural enhancement; the interference of the SRY gene on the Y chromosome interferes the default process of producing a female, and in turn, a male is created. But as it points out that genome mutation led the prevention of further growth to the default female reproductive structure, specifically in the 3rd to 4th month of human pregnancy, so I can assume that all humans were created female initially. If this theory stands, then ancient cavemen were right to worship a female as God, for they brought life to this world, and created man.

This coming March the 8th, the world celebrates the recognition of women contribution to society, no matter how small. The notion of birth is to me the greatest contribution a woman makes to society, and to all females, the greatest contribution to the world. I take this opportunity to salute all mothers, no matter if they are human, or animal, to thank them for their contribution, and to put forth a very serious crime made against them in many ways, by the supposed “failed-default female” or Man.

I read an article recently about the life of Pakistani and Afghanistan women after they were reported to be involved in an acid attack by someone like their husband, or a suitor seeking revenge. What I saw saddens me. Some are too poor to seek medication and by the time help arrives, it is too late to remedy the scar. Now it becomes part of their life. The pain, the endurance and the discrimination against these poor women, who are struggling all their lives since they were born to stay as far away from trouble as possible, who can understand them but only among themselves, trapped and shunned away from society. It was due to the kindness of social workers and documentary filmmaker Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy that these ladies finally have their dignity restored. A new law passed down from Pakistan impose a mandatory prison term of 14years if found guilty of acid attack.
I applaud the Pakistanis for this movement. But the question now: is it enough? If you are a man (or any form of male species before or after medical mediation), ask yourself the same question. Think about it. Who is it that got you to where you are right now? Who carried you lovingly for 10 long months through all pains to ensure your safe delivery? If you are one who holds a dislike to the women in general, or had done something that caused injury and hurt to them, think of your own mother. Without her, and the sheer intervention of genetics, you would never have been here, or you would be born a default: woman. If you are one who involve yourself in acid attack, think: what if you are her? What if that victim is your mother? How would you feel? Helpless? You can laugh and mock all you want now, but you will suffer the same fate in the end. If you believe in reincarnation, pray that you won’t be the default in your next life, if you are one such male.

So please, there is a reason why is the Earth round; be respectful to all.