Words do make a difference!

I read through the news earlier this morning and came across an article on Singapore’s Public Utilities Board (PUB) choice of words in their statement to the press on the recent flooding incident happening in Orchard Road, particularly in Liat Towers. One interviewee felt that the general public is more concerned about the steps PUB would take to prevent future occurrence of flooding from happening. I beg to differ from that claim, but that does not mean I disagree on the essence of her view.

For the PUB to make a statement to insist that:

“there was no flooding at Orchard Road, but that water had “ponded” at Liat Towers and other low-lying locations”

The choice of words in this statement, seem to imply that this is not the responsibility of the PUB. I do not blame PUB; as what happened is due to poor weather, but I feel that PUB should at least be brave enough to stand up for this issue, address it properly to the public, seek their understanding for time to study the issue, and provide a solution that can be of help to the poor tenants of the building. By having a statement like that, PUB is making a wrong move by showing poor services and attitude, and the public could no longer put confidence on a government board that acts with such poor services.

I applaud the Minister Dr. Vivian Balakrishnan, for correctly pointing out the mistake made, and steer the board to a correct path. By using the right choice of words, and some conviction, the government can convince, and at least maintain some of the public’s confidence  in their ministration.