A bitter-sweet adventure to Taipei (more sweet then bitter though)

Phew!! Just came back from Taipei at a landing time of 22:45 (GMT+8), on the 19th May, 2008. I left on the 17th of May, 2008, catching an afternoon flight bound for Taipei (台北)。But way before that, I told a very good friend of mine from Taipei about my impeding arrival. We had known each other while I was on a job posting a few years back (not too long ago anyway). James is an amazing fellow, full of knowledge and crappy jokes, but I love the hanging outs, chit-chatting all the while, exchanging culture, ideas and interesting things with each other. Now the circle of friends have just broadened! I introduced to him another 2 of my lovely friends and we all have fun hanging out the last 2 days around the popular spots, together with James’s buddy, Jerry! (Thinking back now, if they opened a store together selling any particular self-branded products or now, they can name their store JJ’s or J&J’s!! 好主意对吧 Sunshine? *wink*)
It was really very very sweet of James to even go pick us up at the airport! He went all the way to borrow his company’s vehicle to take us around, and for that, I am really really touched and grateful to him! Love you for that, Sunshine! Wink
We all went to Shilin night-life market for dinner, and I swear I was totally overloaded with food! Then James suggested we go for a little "skinny" dipping at the spa, and that’s where he introduced Jerry to us! It was a first experience for me at a public Spa facility, and it was unforgetful! (in Chinese that would be either to 泡温泉 或是/or 泡汤, from what I understood it to be). We also went to Yangmin Mountain (if I spelled that correctly; if any of you is reading this, correct me where necessary) That is where I had the bitterness of lossing my camera (it is a lovely Sony T-20), and I mourn more for the lose of the fond memories rather than the lose of the camera! If anyone ever picked it, would be really nice to return me the photographs! You may keep the camera if you want to. That last night spent with James was back to DanShui old streets, where we eat again, and simply stroll in the beautiful night scenery! It has been so tiring for James, I really felt very bad, and I urged him to come with his friends to Singapore so that I can return the same hospitality bestowed on me by them! 健翔!你和你朋友们或是家人都好,一定要来新加坡玩哦!!你答应过的!!
The last day was spent with Amanda’s family friend and his wife for a trip to Yilan fir a nice beautiful coastal tour and a taste of Fresh Seafood! Another "Paiseh" situation where they paid for the meal! but it’s also really sweet and generous of them to bring us around, and astound us with the wonderful history! I also wish they would come Singapore to play too! 你们也一定要来新加坡玩哦!要来哦!!
Finally, it all boils down to the priceless experiences and friendships shared, that will be etched in my heart and mind, for light years to come.
I am sorry to say to my readers, that I was unable to upload any pictures from this trip, or any recent months images pior to the sudden Death of my dear camera. But I will try my very best to make up for it! and hopefully by next week, I will have it updated. I hope James will be so kind to send me what pictures he took from the trip with us so I can least put up some to share!
Well, my bed is calling to me! Till another time, readers!

Beijing Slang

I had spent almost a week here at Beijing, China. The weather is chilly at the first few days, drying up my skin and face, especially my lips (and No! it’s not from any kissing issues whatsoever). 我在上一两个月到上个星期才搞好堆在船厂的Damn发电机,过着又闷又热又脏又没有女厕的一个油船!!!气死人的!一整天从早到晚都没得上厕所!!!真是不公平!只能看到男人有公共厕所可用。最后那些不可思议的巴西人在我正最急的时刻到来witness the systems’ functionality test. In the end, on my last warning day, they agree to the function test conplete with punch-list to clear at a date before the vessel set sail to Brazil. 到这时,已经是星期五了。。。我很累,但是又得赶着回公司把该带的工具装好,休息了半天有得忙着把工具放好进行李箱。星期天一大早就出门去机场了。在飞机上好好睡了六个钟,到了北京,已经是三点了。(但没有忘记飞机上竟然有冰淇淋吃!太高兴了,我连两个正餐都免吃了!)^^
Well, my Chinese is getting better and better, eh? There ends my short rant in 70% Chinese. What do you think,小恶魔??

A Trip and a New Life Experience

I felt so sorry to my ardent fans. You guys must have been reading my blog fervently, and a sudden long absence may have dampened your souls. Well, I have been away from a good computer for a full month of February (well, almost a whole month to be exact). And because my computer has been dead since late Jan (没有一架好电脑的日子真辛苦!!), and it is difficult to update without the constant snooping from my nosy brother, and also it is because I am away to experience a very different life with Panda and his family, experience late winter and wee spring, as well as learning a new culture and celebrate Chinese New Year, Chinese Style.
we have been planning this trip since July last year, when Panda and I were discussing about his home state in China. He turned to me suddenly and said: "I want to go home next year and celebrate Chinese New Year. I want to enjoy it for a whole month. Come with me?" I wasn’t sure if my parents would object with me on the idea as it would means not joining my parents for CNY including reunion dinner etc. But I feel like going so badly and see for myself the difference between Singaporean style CNY and Chinese style CNY.
My parents agreed easily without me giving many explanations. I was so surprised then, thinking especially my mom would object to the trip having clash with CNY. But so far, it was agreed then I am allowed to go and enjoy the season. Panda was so happy to hear about it as it meant meeting his parents for the first time and staying with him throughout the joyous event. so we start planning the exact date we are going and how long we will be staying. After that, we researched on the ticket pricing and the currency. Panda went to consult his sup, who allowed him to go on the February to have fun.
So there we went to Shanghai on a night flight (I swear arriving wee early at a destination is always a good thing..we can look for good bargains + stay), arrived at 5am and had someone to drive us straight to ZJ, yiwu, on a straight 7 hours journey (I had a peaceful rest while panda chatted happily with the driver). we reached Yiwu at 12 plus, took another bus for 3 hours, changed one more cab for 20 mins before arriving at panda’s house. His mother was so overjoyed to see him, she nearly wanted to cry (I swear!!).

We had a lot of travelling around ZJ, even went to see the location where they filmed 黄金甲, with Jay Chou!!! (AHHHHH!!!! I’m seriously crazy on that exxageration). We discovered a lot scenic caves, and had a wonderous Lunar New Year (I played crackers like mad-ivan for the whole 6 days with the youngsters as I had not played them for more than 15 years).

We didn’t really play so much at Shanghai as there’s nothing much to do there, except shopping and wanting to watch movie. (bloody 门徒 cost a whooping 120 yuan)..but overall, nice weather~~, good food, great culture exchange, and lots of fun!

Ao Dai.s and Ms.Saigon

Rest for about a few days and I got an emergency call to go to Ho Chin Min City. (of cause as you know I’m not getting emergency calls because I’m a nurse or doctor…rather it’s got to do with the control panel over at Dong Nai)…so off I go within just one day of notice (interesting how my boss can do such a thing!!I had a carefully planned weekend with my roudy girlz and panda, all gonez!)
But it end up not too bad~the city is a beautiful place and the people maybe a little too dependent on tourist trade but they are nice nontheless.
My partner colleague and I try to help the vietnam colleague to do as much as possible while he is on leave for his upcoming fatherhood. hahaha… (congrats to Vinh for being a New Dad in Yr 2006!)^^
But The place is beautiful!! I managed about a few hours of shopping and I’m sorry to say I can’t get anything much for the girls, but I only managed to get an Ao Dai (vietnamese traditional dress) at about US$16. I didn’t have enough to pay so the store keeper accepts whatever amount in Dhong I have. I can wear that to my Nieces’ Wedding.
I am amazed they accept USD because it is so dependent on tourist living I think it is only reasonable they accept USD to make living easier..and there is not much need to be troubled by so many 0s in Dhong.Hahaha…
My short rant on my trip to Vietnam…just for updates~ends for now..I will post the photos of the trip when I have mroe time…