Why would humans do this to other humans?

Terrorist activities based on an excuse of religion; ridiculous laws based on religion; Running and management of a territory based on a religion.

All these actions and judgements, based on a piece of story from a time where people justifies their account of extraordinary feats on things they do not understand. These accounts became an awe to many others who are curious to hear about it, eventually believed it because they do not understand it either, and by believing they can put their mind at ease at finally getting a closure.

Fast forward this accounts to the 21st century. How much evolved humans have become. Things that had no explanation then, are now proven existences. So why are humans still so blind to believe something that was psychology material then, that most probably now can be explained as part of natural geography subject? Is the philosophy then really worth its weight in gold now, if you just think what is being said in the text in a logical way? You most probably would agree, unless you still believe that “Do unto others as you have them do unto you” is something that only a religion can teach, then perhaps this author can start a new religion after this article, and to base this religion on logic and attaining pure logic (reference to “Star Trek”).

Back to the topic: Why would humans subject other humans to misery, hurt and unheard terror, based on outdated information that they take it as their religion? This author have a theory: What had been taken as valued information then due to that period’s lack of understanding, is now taken advantage with intended self-gain on the perpetrator. By using modern psychology to prey on weak-minded humans, these perpetrators are able to make use of others to do all their dirty work, while they gain the fortune they wanted and live as they dictates (which they use religion to mask their true intention).

With that being said, there is no end to the terror they can bring about to the lives of others, as long as there are weak-minded humans around, they are at risk of being manipulated. This author urged readers who understand and who may know somebody at risk, to guard those vulnerable and weak-minded individuals, so they may not end up being prey to these terrorist, and became scape-goats to these perpetrators.

As this author mentioned in a post long ago, there is no such thing as a religion that preaches on terror and killings of humans to attain enlightenment. No religion in their right mindset would encourage you to fire a gun or bomb (also because there isn’t such thing during those times unless they are aliens from other planets).

Be safe, humans.


Poetry: The Victim’s Eye

The author has been an avid reader of the headlines in the recent months, and was a little quite unsettled to what the latest “Fad” has been centered on (author’s note: ‘a little’ was too underrated). The author dislikes the amount of attention that these reprobates received, and at one point the author feels the dislike borders on the edge of jealousy (Shocking!). Perhaps it is time the media shows lesser care on what these reprobates are doing, so that they may look upon themselves as a bunch of silly douche-bags, and reflect on what they had done (or shall be doing) with their lives.

Death is but an area that is either acceptable, or taboo, depending on how one views the topic. The author embraces the fact that Death will come for the author one fine day, when least expected. But so far, Death chose to distance itself away from the author (must be the unusually crazy amount of paperwork Death have to deal with when it finally comes to claim the author for all the deeds done: good or bad). But for now, the author just wants to talk about death, a term that seems hooked on to the current group of douche-bags and their penchant for doing things without a solid goal or reason; just talk; and talk big like an empty vessel they can. The author hopes to convey the feelings of the dead by this group, and with that, maybe from that perspective, a form of reflection to those who plan on joining this crazy group who have no goals, no future at all.

The author’s warning to these “thrill seekers”: Are you 101% certain HE would want any of these?

So here goes the author’s raw attempt at poetry:

The Victim’s eye

How it must have felt

To taste;

The cold steel of a barrel

Loaded and ready always.

At the slightest touch of a finger.

It moves.

Life changes; – both of us

“How dies it feel?” –

You’d ask yourself;

Won’t you take a good look

In all your glory;

The mirror at the back of your head.

– Is this Glory?

Or is this just your head…

The blood you dipped your hands in.

Let it stain your face. Lick it.

Do you like it?

Life changes; – Both of us.

Regrets be a thing of your past.

From the depths of the cold steel barrel;

Locked and loaded. Ready.

Are School Teachers your childrens’ parents?

Singapore is a booming meritocratic city with more than half the population once decedents of migrants from different parts of the world.
Education then was not compulsory, limited in material, and very dedicated to specific racial and religious groups. With majority being originators of the Asian or the “Eastern” side of the globe, naturally thought of the greener pastures, the West, for better education. So there we were then, becoming “westernized” and saw the benefits of unifying the residents of the island colony as one independent state, after we taste the defeat and the witness the helplessness of the protectors of the colony to the Japanese.
So 48 years has past, and we are deemed one of

The richest country in the world – The Straits Times, Singapore. 2012

We have indeed achieved a lot, and in a short amount of time. Rather, this is the achievement of our forefathers, who came without fear of the unknown, and built what we can call our home now.
Now all this does sound a little like what you would study in history and social studies from the time of independence to now. Education soon after became compulsory, and since has always been a core of every citizen born and bred here in Singapore. From this core, lies the educators, who forms the pillar which the foundation of education is laid out for the future of Singapore’s well being and prosperity. We are who we are today; where we are today, if not for these educators, or teachers as we call them. They are well respected, and shaped the otherwise lazy, cheeky, rebellious us into respectable citizens today. And where they are unable to reach us, we have our ever stringent parents who will with a rattan, shape us up further into individuals who are independent, reliable and responsible for the society.
But as the society prosper, material wants kicks in, and every Singaporean starts to work the extra mile to gain better social status, better quality of life. We thought that by doing this is for the sake of our children, that they can live a better life. But are we forgetting the values our parents taught us?
Children are born innocent; an empty vassal, waiting to be filled with whatever he/she is being taught. As the saying goes: Rubbish in; rubbish out. Children are good emulators of their parents, and if the parent sets a bad example such as being ungracious when shopping in a mall (cut queues), or filling up more than one can consume at a buffet (kiasuism), that is how his/her child will be when he/she grows up, unless he/she relearns new values from other influences. So when a child misbehaves in school, not knowing what he/she has done wrong, the teacher may first reprimand the child, but ultimately the real discipline should come from the parent, and such teachings should be done privately at home. But of late, this doesn’t seem to be the case. These days, the parents expect the teachers to take on the role of the parents, to discipline their children at school, a public sphere. I guess some of the reason being: No time at home; paid higher school fees, therefore expected more out of the teachers.
For the first reason: Having no time to discipline a child at home is a poor excuse to skive off the duty that is expected for the parent. You have a child, you are responsible for them, and therefore responsible for their actions until they reach adulthood. You, the parent, therefore should be the primary discipline master in both the public sphere, as well as private sphere. You don’t push your responsibilities to some strangers (in general), and then blame them for not doing a good job, because they definitely can’t mold your child to look like themselves. My opinion: Teachers/Educators primarily can only instill societal norms and conformity to your child. Cultures and behaviors are learnt at home.  So if you, the parent expects the teacher/educator to teach your child not to poke his/her chopsticks in the middle of the rice bowl, or not to squat on the toilet seat, the teacher/educator won’t be able to do that, but they may very well teach your child to be less respectful to their parents, because that really shows your failure at parenting. There is no formula to discipline your child, and I don’t think I am qualified to give any suggestions, but just firmly inform your child, be serious about their actions and correct them, and your child will understand you. That would not take you too much your time, right? Check out this page in Parent-Child Social Development.

The second reason: You think you pay a high price for your child’s education, you should be expecting more out of your investments, right? You think that when your child complete s his education years a well-polished, well-chiseled individual. That is not going to happen, and raising a child is not like making a business work! (if it does, well you just created a new crop!) Cost of living goes up, and everyone drives to attain a better standard of living. No less when it comes to paying for an education. You work and got a pay rise, so does the teacher/educator. They work; they get a pay rise, and how to justify for a pay-rise? By increasing education fees. But there are things that just cannot be learned in school. As mentioned in the first reasoning, education institutions can only impart social values and social norms (Pretty much in line with the societal needs). Other forms of social skills such as social interactions on a personal level and communications are basically learnt at home.  That is where parents play a part in ensuring their child is well prepared to face their peers and to network. Such skills are priceless and will shape the unique character of the child, and no better institutions than at home, with their parents. Therefore, if there isn’t enough interaction and communication, or whatever that is played out at home is negative, you will have a child that is so full of negativity; he/she will become imbalanced, and may not be able to reach their fullest potential. So it boils back to the first reasoning.  Wait, Do you even think that money can get you everything? Check out Daniel Wong’s page and you might find some pretty good tips to turn your life (as well as your child and anyone else affected) around.

I’ve said so much.  It is pointless to rant on more when the trend has been present from 2012 (I actually started this post from 2012, and it took me 2 years to come up with appropriate words to sum up my observations and reactions). If you are a parent and finds some of what is written here similar to your current situation, there is still hope! The help links that goes into this post is very useful.

<Ranting ends.>

What Jackie Chan did, what rights you netizens have?

Jackie Chan made headlines again: this time for his plans to open a theme park that focus on Chinese culture that is so commonly seen in Chinese films. Being an avid collector of Chinese antiques and many interesting collectibles, it will be no surprise that this theme park will allow people to see and feel “Jackie Chan”. Indeed a park like this will be a great draw for tourist all over the world, since Jackie Chan is a well known figure from both the Chinese entertainment scene as well as Hollywood entertainment: a la Bruce Lee.

His contribution of antiques and old collectibles will indeed allow tourists to also see and learn about the Chinese culture, which is one of the world’s oldest civilizations. Without a doubt, it should be welcome news to the Chinese government, as well as appeasing to the local (Chinese) netizens, because this would meant no more “country’s treasure” will be leaving their homeland, correct?

Now about the four pieces of antique buildings that Jackie has generously donated to a Singapore University; that has drawn numerous criticisms from Chinese netizens. Their main concern for the relics are simply because “treasures” are being “stolen” and put on display in a foreign country, which may seem like a huge insult to them. But from a CCTV source, it was claimed that Jackie has tried to seek sponsors to help him with the preservation of his collection relics, but no one is willing to offer him the assistance with no ulterior motives. Until some Singapore scholars came, and offered to help with preserving a culture that is also a part of Singapore’s multi-cultural origin (remember Singapore was once a well-known trading port between Asia and the Westerns, thus the multi-cultural nature of the country). Then Jackie was slammed by Chinese netizens for donating something that is originally representative of China’s history to a foreign land.

My opinion on this issue would be: What rights do these netizens have to criticize Jackie when they didn’t bother to offer genuine assistance when it was asked for? To have to wait until someone from another country offering to help, that they feel that they are losing something precious to them, and blaming him for what he did. That is just hogwash, and I believe what Jackie did, he did it with his best interest in the preservation of his precious collection. If a place can offer to help him lengthen his collections lifespan and can allow people to see and learn a bit about its history at no extra charge, why should he give it a miss? Shouldn’t these netizens who made no effort to help be ashamed of themselves that Jackie has to take up offer from another country, because his homeland locals are unwilling to help unless it benefits them? They should take a good look of themselves at a mirror and evaluate on their actions. It’s not to say that it should be totally free-for-all to view, but perhaps a sales booth with proceeds of the sales going to the continued upkeep of the relics, would have made Jackie a very happy person and proud to be Chinese in his homeland. But given what has transpired here, I feel that his enthusiasm could dip a few notches. And I can hardly blame him for that.

Faith and Ideology: binds or divides?

Professed as a travel junkie, I will try my very best to go on short trips and visit the many places I can afford, all around the world if I can! When travelling, it is never the bustling cities, nor the numerous malls that attracts me. The beauty is in the simplicity, the tradition and the rusticity of their rural to suburban areas that really draws my attention. It is such places that lessons can be learnt, and to understand their culture and their roots.

I visited Eastern China, and learnt about their traditional burial ritual, their emphasis on returning all back to Nature, is simply awesome, and indeed no matter now advance we are in terms of technology, how can we forget to repay Nature of her wonderful gift of life? What amaze me are the advanced skill sets they applied to their daily work and way of life, which we can only achieve now with machines. And they are no different from us in any ways! What happened to us?

I went to northern India, and I am treated to a sight of wonderful artistry, colors bright and beautiful, scattered everywhere in their towns, villages, even on the clothes they wear. Shrines that keeps the tradition of Nature. Worshiping others that otherwise provides us with a staple diet, a message reminding us in a subtle way to never forget who we owe our lives to. Utilizing what nature provides them, and reusing the waste products that can save both money and the environment, they are the ones who we should look up to learn the essence of recycling! And such actions are parts and parcels of their daily life, passed down from one generation to another. Less schooled and simpler in life, but they are blessed with the knowledge of nurture and love to Nature. We on the other hand, seeks self fulfillment and disregard the pleas of Nature.

I travelled to Northern Sumatra, and learned of Batak culture and tradition. Much of it was lost, but from the artifacts and bits of history still upheld by the old and aged, I learnt about their way or natural selection, and rituals that celebrate the cycles of Nature. Putting nothing to waste, they too recycle in any way possible, respect the old, and have a sense of justice that return what is not needed back to Nature. We take away whatever Nature gave, but never show gratitude nor did we return in kind. We did not show the respect to Nature where it is due.

There is one similarity these three places showed me. They have a faith or faith that is centric only to them, and owe it only to one name: Nature. It may be spelt differently, celebrated differently, but the root of it echoes the same intent. Peace was much attainable, and wars then were small scaled, centered between only two groups or tribes, and mainly for food and territory for hunt. Life functions no differently from any other animals in the world, just slightly better at using simple tools and knowledge. Uninterrupted by the introduction of what I considered to be mass-marketing faith, whose base intention is to spread like a virus, to influence and conquer the hearts and minds of many to believe in one man’s story of his/her life. When a faith began to spread its ideology towards other groups, in a way it binds the groups to form a cluster, and spread further to form a territory. So when one ideology is formed, a few more feels the same and starts their own ideology. What happened these few thousand years is the product of such parasitic faiths, seeking lands unlearned and virtuous, and began to preach, eventually swallowing the whole village. When a time comes one faith meets another and neither giving way nor compromising, has war started again, only on a larger scale and over nothing. A peaceful place with many villages and each an individual faith, now divided by clusters of a few faiths, and feuds are frequent and bloody; simply because each party is convinced of their own piece of story, usually about a life of a person who thinks highly of themselves.

This experience is deduced into the above theory when I came to understand based on the example of a particular village that have their own beliefs before the mass-market faiths came. It was peaceful, quiet and just in their rights, but with the “invasion” of foreigners who were enticed over the opportunity of exploited resources, came with their shovels and guns, and together with minds clouded by their beliefs, began infecting the peace and tranquility. When more came, the space for further preaching reached a ceiling, and in a bid to stay in power, violence took place over reason and compromise.  So my question now: if every individual beliefs and faiths is simply isolated among themselves, and even if others where to know of it, to only understand it as a piece of history, talking about “his-story” (or “her-story” if it is a matriarchal group), will the world be much more peaceful, with lesser and unnecessary feud over a story?

I would say yes, based on my theory that a faith, acts very much like a story, told about a person on his or her experience, and concludes with their own theories in life. Then they expect you to take their story, or theory, no matter if it is a proven truth or no, as a norm to follow through. What adds on to this theory that significantly causes the root of unrest is the factor of time; as a faith passes through a period of time, and from one person to another, the ideology changes and perhaps some were modified to better suit the person who is preaching about it. And therefore whatever feelings that person who preaches will be added into the story conveniently. This will result in a new testimony and a new ideology.

To conclude, I would like to put forth my understanding of how faiths play an important role in the life decisions of every individual, and to carry the question of truth in such a story to be made a faith. The spread of ideology based on one source of information is further manipulated by individual preachers, and the likely consequences of non-compromising each different ideology. It was further explained about the scenarios that play when a group feels to take the ideology or to refute it, and what happens when reasoning is left behind over feelings and the want to be in control.

Are you ‘Man’ enough to read this?

What is the definition of Man? Has it even been stated as the dominant half of the human species? Can you find one article that states squarely that man (in the male sense of the species), is the rightful dominant half of the human species, without any implication of chauvinism or misogyny whatsoever? I however, do not deny the many literary texts that sing praises of the male species more significantly superior than female. I do not deny that there are many reasons why they are being termed as more superior. This mainly is because male human species genetically built to endure heavier manual work load due to muscle structural enhancement; the interference of the SRY gene on the Y chromosome interferes the default process of producing a female, and in turn, a male is created. But as it points out that genome mutation led the prevention of further growth to the default female reproductive structure, specifically in the 3rd to 4th month of human pregnancy, so I can assume that all humans were created female initially. If this theory stands, then ancient cavemen were right to worship a female as God, for they brought life to this world, and created man.

This coming March the 8th, the world celebrates the recognition of women contribution to society, no matter how small. The notion of birth is to me the greatest contribution a woman makes to society, and to all females, the greatest contribution to the world. I take this opportunity to salute all mothers, no matter if they are human, or animal, to thank them for their contribution, and to put forth a very serious crime made against them in many ways, by the supposed “failed-default female” or Man.

I read an article recently about the life of Pakistani and Afghanistan women after they were reported to be involved in an acid attack by someone like their husband, or a suitor seeking revenge. What I saw saddens me. Some are too poor to seek medication and by the time help arrives, it is too late to remedy the scar. Now it becomes part of their life. The pain, the endurance and the discrimination against these poor women, who are struggling all their lives since they were born to stay as far away from trouble as possible, who can understand them but only among themselves, trapped and shunned away from society. It was due to the kindness of social workers and documentary filmmaker Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy that these ladies finally have their dignity restored. A new law passed down from Pakistan impose a mandatory prison term of 14years if found guilty of acid attack.
I applaud the Pakistanis for this movement. But the question now: is it enough? If you are a man (or any form of male species before or after medical mediation), ask yourself the same question. Think about it. Who is it that got you to where you are right now? Who carried you lovingly for 10 long months through all pains to ensure your safe delivery? If you are one who holds a dislike to the women in general, or had done something that caused injury and hurt to them, think of your own mother. Without her, and the sheer intervention of genetics, you would never have been here, or you would be born a default: woman. If you are one who involve yourself in acid attack, think: what if you are her? What if that victim is your mother? How would you feel? Helpless? You can laugh and mock all you want now, but you will suffer the same fate in the end. If you believe in reincarnation, pray that you won’t be the default in your next life, if you are one such male.

So please, there is a reason why is the Earth round; be respectful to all.

How offensive!


This piece of email may seem harmless enough. But if you look at the way it was being corresponded, it can pretty much hurt the feelings of the recipient.  This has to happen at work, at a place where sometimes spam mails, joke mails, and off-topic issues can be found in almost everyone’s inbox. Feuds are best avoided in a close-knit environment such as your work-space.

This sort of email, though served its purpose well for informing others about the importance of work during work hour, but it has been phrased wrongly, and this in turn could cause annoyance, disagreements, misunderstandings, and unhappy discourse among co-workers.

Co-workers working especially in the same department, should be more tactful, and structure your notes or emails in a manner that is as neutral as possible, and not in a manner that you are viewed as pointing your finger at other. This can promote a happy working environment for all, and will not be seen as a “broken down family” by outsiders, or from other departments.

It was because of these inconsiderate, but seemingly unimportant actions that sometimes causes the most destruction power among friendships and healthy work relationships.

Let’s pray for these scars to recover soon.