The excessive use of the word ‘Revert’ in local context

When you see the word ‘Revert’, what is the first definition that comes to your mind? It is quite possibly different definitions, depending on where you are from, and what your profession is.

According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, ‘Revert’ basically means to return back to a previous or original state, be it chemically or conditionally. But the abuse of words just doesn’t warrant an arrest, neither is it chargeable in the court of law (unless it being a result of contractual breech or whatever).

So why am I saying this? Having worked for a decade or so (don’t ask me where), I have come across words in emails that absolutely made or broke my day. For example,


Is there any update on this issue we discussed last week?

Please revert.


Let us analyze this highlighted word in the above context. The sender was asking for an update for an issue that was raised a week ago. So I am supposed to reply with updates regarding the issue at hand. An update is a change of condition from a current state to a new or next state. So when this sender reiterates his/her intention with the word ‘Revert’, the whole condition changes. So instead of asking me for new information, he/she now wants me to go back to the original or a previous agreed update, from its current status. But is that his/her true intention? As it turns out, it was newer data that he/she requires, because he/she called me back immediately when I replied thus:

“Hi XX.

To answer your query in 2 conditions:

1) New update: Panel 2 requires a new set of drawings.

2) Reverted update: Panel 2 has a set of drawings in the 3rd revision. FD is using it to check the panel.

Please pick a choice and let me know what you require exactly.


Now this phenomenon is a rising trend in emails, especially profound in Singapore.  It is the wrong word to use when you are asking the other party to reply back to your enquiry, but perhaps the word ‘Revert’ makes the sender feels he/she is a well-learned or well-cultured individual. But it confuses me and everybody else who knows the meaning of the word ‘Revert’.

So just a gentle reminder to senders who may think that the word ‘Revert’ would give you a straight reply to your query, please stop using it! It is not going to give you an upper hand in your current state of situation, but you may create more confusion when you do not make your intentions clear. A rule of thumb: Use simple words to convey your intentions. You do not need to sound like an academic, and risk making an idiot of yourself.


What Jackie Chan did, what rights you netizens have?

Jackie Chan made headlines again: this time for his plans to open a theme park that focus on Chinese culture that is so commonly seen in Chinese films. Being an avid collector of Chinese antiques and many interesting collectibles, it will be no surprise that this theme park will allow people to see and feel “Jackie Chan”. Indeed a park like this will be a great draw for tourist all over the world, since Jackie Chan is a well known figure from both the Chinese entertainment scene as well as Hollywood entertainment: a la Bruce Lee.

His contribution of antiques and old collectibles will indeed allow tourists to also see and learn about the Chinese culture, which is one of the world’s oldest civilizations. Without a doubt, it should be welcome news to the Chinese government, as well as appeasing to the local (Chinese) netizens, because this would meant no more “country’s treasure” will be leaving their homeland, correct?

Now about the four pieces of antique buildings that Jackie has generously donated to a Singapore University; that has drawn numerous criticisms from Chinese netizens. Their main concern for the relics are simply because “treasures” are being “stolen” and put on display in a foreign country, which may seem like a huge insult to them. But from a CCTV source, it was claimed that Jackie has tried to seek sponsors to help him with the preservation of his collection relics, but no one is willing to offer him the assistance with no ulterior motives. Until some Singapore scholars came, and offered to help with preserving a culture that is also a part of Singapore’s multi-cultural origin (remember Singapore was once a well-known trading port between Asia and the Westerns, thus the multi-cultural nature of the country). Then Jackie was slammed by Chinese netizens for donating something that is originally representative of China’s history to a foreign land.

My opinion on this issue would be: What rights do these netizens have to criticize Jackie when they didn’t bother to offer genuine assistance when it was asked for? To have to wait until someone from another country offering to help, that they feel that they are losing something precious to them, and blaming him for what he did. That is just hogwash, and I believe what Jackie did, he did it with his best interest in the preservation of his precious collection. If a place can offer to help him lengthen his collections lifespan and can allow people to see and learn a bit about its history at no extra charge, why should he give it a miss? Shouldn’t these netizens who made no effort to help be ashamed of themselves that Jackie has to take up offer from another country, because his homeland locals are unwilling to help unless it benefits them? They should take a good look of themselves at a mirror and evaluate on their actions. It’s not to say that it should be totally free-for-all to view, but perhaps a sales booth with proceeds of the sales going to the continued upkeep of the relics, would have made Jackie a very happy person and proud to be Chinese in his homeland. But given what has transpired here, I feel that his enthusiasm could dip a few notches. And I can hardly blame him for that.

11 November 2011 or 11-11-11 at 1111 hr…

More than a day had passed since the date and time 11th November 2011, 11:11AM, where better interpreted as 11-11-11 @ 11:11 AM. When a time like that hits the location you stand (have to take into consideration the world is still rotating as it should), did it give you any special tingle to your skin? Did you feel a bout of luck surging through you? Or are you anticipating the world to crumble before your very eyes?

If you feel the latter, so sorry to inform you but the world is still rotating about its axis. Life still goes on, and only those who make a business out of this day will benefit from it.

Have a good life, humans, and enjoy whatever there is on Earth to enjoy.

A second view on what Nature is capable of

After a quiz, I am finally able to take some off to unwind and loosen out a little before I grapple with the reality that my assignments are coming to a due soon. So of all the list of movies to watch, I had to choose “The Day after Tomorrow”. I cannot answer why I feel like watching it now, perhaps over the series of changes to environment all around the world. But this is a really good movie, great storyline, although the script is somewhat badly written.

I have to congratulate and applauded the movie maker and producers for the spectacular effects and the impact that this movie have on Global warming as a whole. But I feel that the seriousness of this message is being ridiculously exaggerated to a point that viewers might put it off as a bad joke.

Global warming is a reality, happening rapidly even as I typed out this article. But to the best of my knowledge, I am regretted by the way the movie put an event to over a time phase of a couple of weeks, days even. But it is understandable. A movie timeline cannot be dragged on too long, or it will lose its climax.

But let us go back to the topic at hand. Earth’s deterioration in health has always been a major problem; even now I feel that this issue is still not addressed properly. One reason I can derived and I feel is crucially advertised in this movie is the part where you have an ignorant vice president who still feels that the world is functioning properly as the way he feels like it. I strongly encourage people, no matter young or old, rich, poor, powerful or just staying in a slum, to learn from the mistake this old man did, though in the story, his decision was wrongly made, and rectifying it was just too late.

The story shifts in the later part to focus on humanity, and politics. I especially enjoy the part where people rushed into Mexico from the United States of America. It is common knowledge that the U.S.A and Mexico share a unique relationship that involves a few tussles and treaties to finally come to a see-saw conclusion. Both countries are facing a never ending problem of illegal immigration, drugs and arms trade. But these problems are usually raised by the U.S.A, for they are seemingly healthier in the economic growth. But to see this part of movie, where roles have been reversed, does give a clear statement to not just the U.S.A, but also to well-developed countries all over the world, that one should always be humble and gracious to each other, no matter how poor undeveloped they may seem; For if one day disaster strikes, you may need their help and assistance more than they do you.

On the whole, it is a good movie with all the good intentions a story can get. But to viewers who simply enjoy this movie for the CG effects, you are better off watching James C’s Avatar. But if you are intrigued by what the movie means, try watching it a couple more runs. And think of what you can do to save Earth: your home.

Poem of the heart

I was asked by someone to do a sort description about Home. So after pondering over it for a few hours, this is what I can give:
“Home, is where the heart is born, and nurtured to love.
To nurture, is to learn in knowledge, and culture.
Learning is a process that is shared by one and all.
Sharing, is both taking and giving.
To take is to have responsibility; and giving your best but not forgetting.
Your best is where your heart is born: Home.”

It isn’t much, but I think the meaning is there.
It’s copyright!
So enjoy reading!

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