The excessive use of the word ‘Revert’ in local context

When you see the word ‘Revert’, what is the first definition that comes to your mind? It is quite possibly different definitions, depending on where you are from, and what your profession is.

According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, ‘Revert’ basically means to return back to a previous or original state, be it chemically or conditionally. But the abuse of words just doesn’t warrant an arrest, neither is it chargeable in the court of law (unless it being a result of contractual breech or whatever).

So why am I saying this? Having worked for a decade or so (don’t ask me where), I have come across words in emails that absolutely made or broke my day. For example,


Is there any update on this issue we discussed last week?

Please revert.


Let us analyze this highlighted word in the above context. The sender was asking for an update for an issue that was raised a week ago. So I am supposed to reply with updates regarding the issue at hand. An update is a change of condition from a current state to a new or next state. So when this sender reiterates his/her intention with the word ‘Revert’, the whole condition changes. So instead of asking me for new information, he/she now wants me to go back to the original or a previous agreed update, from its current status. But is that his/her true intention? As it turns out, it was newer data that he/she requires, because he/she called me back immediately when I replied thus:

“Hi XX.

To answer your query in 2 conditions:

1) New update: Panel 2 requires a new set of drawings.

2) Reverted update: Panel 2 has a set of drawings in the 3rd revision. FD is using it to check the panel.

Please pick a choice and let me know what you require exactly.


Now this phenomenon is a rising trend in emails, especially profound in Singapore.  It is the wrong word to use when you are asking the other party to reply back to your enquiry, but perhaps the word ‘Revert’ makes the sender feels he/she is a well-learned or well-cultured individual. But it confuses me and everybody else who knows the meaning of the word ‘Revert’.

So just a gentle reminder to senders who may think that the word ‘Revert’ would give you a straight reply to your query, please stop using it! It is not going to give you an upper hand in your current state of situation, but you may create more confusion when you do not make your intentions clear. A rule of thumb: Use simple words to convey your intentions. You do not need to sound like an academic, and risk making an idiot of yourself.


Sitex2007 event

Yesterday evening straight after work I zoomed down to JP to pick up my brother to go for SiteX 2007 @ EXPO Singapore. For my dear overseas readers who know not about this big event, it’s a huge sales of Computers and computer/electronic related goods at cut-throat prices (for numerous items anyway). But this time the event was a little blunt than previous years. only one unit of the expo hall was actually occupied as compared to previous few years where it’s normal to hold 2 halls or 1.5 halls. But we went ahead to check out the gadgets and was rather dismayed to see a large portion are selling LCD TVs, HD type recorders etc; and very little on Desktop/laptop items. But I stilled braved the large crowd and packed car-park and thankfully, it’s a good catch I got a Sata2 connection HDD from Hitachi (nice 160GB) for 60 buckeroos! Pretty good bargain ^-^. We didn’t last long at the place (we finished all booths within half an hour), and started to feel hungry so we left for home (and the CP fare is $2 plus!! Damn good business loh!!). So this morning I related my views to Tinkle, and she assured me that everyday is a different feel; new stuff will be up for sale etc. Well,I doubt it will change much; the only way is my next visit to the place this Sunday, which is the last day of the fair.
To my sweet local readers, if you are in for getting your IT fix or consumer-electronics fix, do make your way down to EXPO these few days, and unless you are meaning to buy something really large in size; don’t bother to drive there. Finding a place to park will take up approximately 30 minutes depending on your luck. If you have the weekend to spare, you could come everyday and see the changes in place…Usually it’s the $$ that changes like a stock market. If you see changes on the Friday or Saturday, you can let me know by dropping me a note here! I’ll be ever glad to hear from your views ^-^y I personally prefer the first day or last day of the fair where I might be able to see a great difference. (*Wink)


Finally!!! I no longer see Death in the face of adversity. What am I talking about? It’s actually my SA computer (SA meaning Self Assembled). For the past half-year, maybe more, I have been neglating it since it’s fatal meet with a well-worn processor (a 4 year old AMD athlon 64 if I’m not mistaken). I sware I took no part in causing this death (I did not overclock it too much, only by 0.1%) and it has been doing a lot of work last time (my old c-programmings, ladder assembles etc etc). But after it died on me, I didn’t have the time, neither do I have the capacity then to give it new life. So during that time, I slowly gather up my buckeroos and spurge it on a new MB (Intel Core Duo 2 ATX MB), an additional 128mb graphics card (I was so tempted to get the 256mb card but it overkills my budget!! ) and a 1G ram (by the stars above I was given a 512MB ram FOC!). It took me last 3 months to gather them all, and replace the broken pieces, but as I did not gather up the required information about the kind of configuration i need to do in order for the new parts to work with the old chumps, I wasted another 1.5 months trying to figure out the problem. Well, its the bios setting actually, I did not notice that I had already enabled the multiplexing capability, thus resulting in hangups. A big waste of time just finding out the porblem in the software, and I actually formated my hard-disk in thinking that it was them causing the blue screen of death (Now all my precious data is lost cos I also formatted my data drive!). I believe it’s about time I source for an additional hard-disk (best it be SATA!) for data alone!!
Just another shot rant..til another time~
P.S: A great thanks to Phivian for adding me in! Hugzz~

Halo 3 endings

I vision about the halo-3 endings gotta have something to do with the master-chief able to overthrow the Covenant from Earth after a long, risky and terrible plot attack.
But I also do think that, one can’t just always have the baddie dead and the good guys victorious! So Even if said Master-Chief is a born for combat, breed for war member of the Spartan II program, he will in the end die a hero after completing his final mission.

Ratatouille!! Love it!!!!!

Hehehe…Its just something I picked up while surfing the internet by accident (I know it’s bad to do so while either in school or working but this just pop up!)
I really loved the look of this movie. The CGs and storyline is excellant! Bravo Pixar!! You guys totally RocK! Just wish I have enough resource and time to do such great things as well…I’m just lacking the means and the experience to do so. 😦
But if given a great chance to do it (any chances *hinting Pixar*); I’d Do IT!! starting right from the bottom!!