Why would humans do this to other humans?

Terrorist activities based on an excuse of religion; ridiculous laws based on religion; Running and management of a territory based on a religion.

All these actions and judgements, based on a piece of story from a time where people justifies their account of extraordinary feats on things they do not understand. These accounts became an awe to many others who are curious to hear about it, eventually believed it because they do not understand it either, and by believing they can put their mind at ease at finally getting a closure.

Fast forward this accounts to the 21st century. How much evolved humans have become. Things that had no explanation then, are now proven existences. So why are humans still so blind to believe something that was psychology material then, that most probably now can be explained as part of natural geography subject? Is the philosophy then really worth its weight in gold now, if you just think what is being said in the text in a logical way? You most probably would agree, unless you still believe that “Do unto others as you have them do unto you” is something that only a religion can teach, then perhaps this author can start a new religion after this article, and to base this religion on logic and attaining pure logic (reference to “Star Trek”).

Back to the topic: Why would humans subject other humans to misery, hurt and unheard terror, based on outdated information that they take it as their religion? This author have a theory: What had been taken as valued information then due to that period’s lack of understanding, is now taken advantage with intended self-gain on the perpetrator. By using modern psychology to prey on weak-minded humans, these perpetrators are able to make use of others to do all their dirty work, while they gain the fortune they wanted and live as they dictates (which they use religion to mask their true intention).

With that being said, there is no end to the terror they can bring about to the lives of others, as long as there are weak-minded humans around, they are at risk of being manipulated. This author urged readers who understand and who may know somebody at risk, to guard those vulnerable and weak-minded individuals, so they may not end up being prey to these terrorist, and became scape-goats to these perpetrators.

As this author mentioned in a post long ago, there is no such thing as a religion that preaches on terror and killings of humans to attain enlightenment. No religion in their right mindset would encourage you to fire a gun or bomb (also because there isn’t such thing during those times unless they are aliens from other planets).

Be safe, humans.


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