A Day in the life of.. (draft)

A sudden Eureka (short story time). Just a snippet of it for the time being. Will be updated as often as this author can.


Yawn! A small shudder, she stirred and draws in a deep breath, exhaling it slowly, like an old man enjoying a quiet smoke alone in the alley.

What a bright morning! She thought as she executes a lazy, leisurely stretch of her long, slender body; a deep sense of satisfaction clearly plastered over her face as she continues to lie on her side, twitching her fluffy tail slightly.

After a moment of lazy bliss, she decides she is ready to start her day. Slowly and gently, she got to her feet, allowing her ears to listen for possible danger, and looking around the now brightly lit alley. What shall I do today? She quietly asks herself, as she gives one last scratch behind her pointy ear.

Maybe I shall visit Sassy Willow at the Ever-Changing-Forest-of-Human-Legs, and inquire her about any new sample of delicious treat today.

Turning around the corner to the row of old shop houses, stopping cautiously after every few steps, looking around and smelling the air, she makes her way down the long, old and dusty five foot walkway.

It used to be full of legs, thought she. Probably later then, she thinks to herself as she continues the long and seemingly never ending pathway. She takes her time, walking slowly, stopping for a moment admiring the old rusty bin that belongs to one of the shop owners.

Mm…nice, she thinks as she walks on, eyes not leaving that rusty old bin until her head could turn no more. A sudden rustle; she stopped in her tracks. Eyes and ears ever on alert to the slightest of sounds, her eyes darted to the location of the sound.

A toy! The iris in her eyes widen with excitement, as she spots a little cockroach zigzagging away from a worn and broken rubbish bin. The cockroach, sensing there is trouble nearby, starts to panic and zips across the pathway from the rubbish bin towards to the majestic but heavy metal shutters. Her head fidgets about as she follows the movement the cockroach makes, all while working on a formula for the perfect jump. Once the formulation works out, she gives a small grin, just curved enough to be noticeable on the most cornered tip of her mouth, she crouched down low, her paws clamp close to her body, and gave her rear a wiggle.

Like a leap of faith, she pounce onto the critter with her outstretch paws. Aha! Got you! The hairs on her body straighten in elation. The poor little cockroach, startled by the sudden assault, struggled, and tries to wiggle its way out of her grasp. Shifting her body weight to the left front paw, she delivers an increasing pressure on the struggling cockroach, just to get a tickle on her paw. Now this is fun! She observes with delight. After about three seconds of enjoyment, she lift off her paw. The struggling cockroach, feeling almost about to pass out, at that moment felt the weight gone from it, gets dizzy from the chaos and is unable to begin navigating right away. She looks at the cockroach totters away with a coy smile, the sort of smile that curls up slightly on both side of her lips, feeling immensely satisfied with how the day is starting.

I’d love to play but I fear I have to make a move or my share of breakfast will be gone, she thinks to herself, as she slowly saunters down the walkway. Out of the cluster of shops, and on to the road junction, pass the old push-cart that probably had seen better days when it was the pride and only means of transport for the old odd goods delivery man, who now only uses the cart to store a big collection of discarded cardboard material. Nope, not stopping to check out the flattened brown scratch patches today, she lets a soft sigh to herself while walking along the road side before coming to a stop.

She reached the end of the sheltered five-foot walkway, and the bright, strong rays from the sun lights up the rest of the open space and together with it: heat.
Looking around the altered environment that is now more hush than the walkway that she is so accustom to, she takes a tentative step forward, testing the ground, before withdrawing her paws back. This is so hot! I need a shelter. She thinks to herself as she looks around the area for a cooler, shaded pathway. Seeing no other way, she puff up her chest, takes a cautious step out into the scorching tar road, and begin a short jog to meet Sassy Willow at her turf.

Hot! Hot! Hot! My paws are being cooked! She thinks to herself as she quickens her steps.

Contemplating on jumping up, and yet constantly looking upwards at the table. Licking her lips as she smell the faint but distinct fragrance in the air. It has to be from there, as she thinks to herself. Finally decided to see for herself, she make the leap. As softly as she always do, she landed on the red plastic chair, feeling pretty good about her current achievement. She took a brief moment to survey her surroundings, looking for a better way to get to her goal. Finding none, she looks up to the table, stretching her body and standing on just her hind legs, she managed to get a glimpse of what is on the plate. Oh my! Meat! It has got meat! Her eyes twinkle a little at the sight of the leftover roast chicken rice that was left by a customer the night before, and no one cleared the table.  And a bit of those non-meaty stuff that Hooman calls rice. A barely there cringe on her face is hardly noticeable, but she decides to brush off the thought and focus her aim at reaching for the plate of leftovers. She licks her lips one more time. Just one more, she thinks to herself. Getting back down on all her paws, she steadies herself for the final jump.

With just a quick glance one more time, she made the leap. Oh no! She thinks to herself as she skids along the smooth surface of the table top. Instinctively she criss-crosses her paws to slow down the skid and thankfully, she stops after a short distance. Phew! That was close, she thinks to herself. Just right in front of her, is the reward she works so hard for. Finally, a decent breakfast after such a workout, she thinks to herself.

She prodded at the plate of leftover chicken rice, seemingly undecided on what to eat first. Hmmm, the chicken or the rice, she mutters to herself. Deciding on eating the chicken, she looks around her surrounding one more time to make sure there are no other intruders present before proceeding with sinking her teeth on the stale cold meat. Mmmm! Delicious! Really hits the spot, she thinks to herself as she gnaws at the meat and bones. In a few minutes the meat is gone, as well as some of the smaller pieces of bones that she is able to chew through. Her eyes glance at the remaining portion of rice in the middle of the plate.


This short story is copyright of this author. No parts of this story shall be copied without the approval of the author.


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