How offensive!


This piece of email may seem harmless enough. But if you look at the way it was being corresponded, it can pretty much hurt the feelings of the recipient. ┬áThis has to happen at work, at a place where sometimes spam mails, joke mails, and off-topic issues can be found in almost everyone’s inbox. Feuds are best avoided in a close-knit environment such as your work-space.

This sort of email, though served its purpose well for informing others about the importance of work during work hour, but it has been phrased wrongly, and this in turn could cause annoyance, disagreements, misunderstandings, and unhappy discourse among co-workers.

Co-workers working especially in the same department, should be more tactful, and structure your notes or emails in a manner that is as neutral as possible, and not in a manner that you are viewed as pointing your finger at other. This can promote a happy working environment for all, and will not be seen as a “broken down family” by outsiders, or from other departments.

It was because of these inconsiderate, but seemingly unimportant actions that sometimes causes the most destruction power among friendships and healthy work relationships.

Let’s pray for these scars to recover soon.