Whose Wrong?

I feel a little rotten about something in recent days, and the fact it doesn’t seem to be my fault, but perhaps my actions caused some discomfort. I would like to apologize to the person who feels uncomfortable towards my otherwise rash actions. But I would like to take this opportunity to voice my otherwise voiceless thoughts.

I am a person of high tolerance. I may be able to overlook issues that are otherwise frown upon. Perhaps not always a gracious person, but if explained properly, I am able to accept most reasoning readily. I also highly guard my privacy, and am not used to people talking to me about what I considered private information to myself.

As it happens, such “incident” does occur. Take for example, I was seen out with a person of prolific status, and next minute, the whole world seem to know about it, and question me on such things. I do not know how to best handle this kind of situation, and usually gets annoyed and this spoils my otherwise joyful time. I also do not enjoy mixing work life with private life, and it peeves me the most to have to answer for actions I make in my work mode, privately, and vice-versa. I have a work mode, where I usually act in a way I deem useful and appropriate to securing relevant information mainly for work. That is called acting to the social norms pertaining to work, for work sake. To those who thinks I’m the same after work, You definitely do not know how well I can act. After work, I would rather retreat to my personal space, and enjoy my favorite pastimes, or hang out with friends. My motto in life and work is “Not to bring your dirty linens when you cross over a different dimension”.

Perhaps if readers understand my point of view, they can respect my stand on this issue, and leave me in peace.

P.s: After 300 words, I start to think what I had bottled up had finally been pop-open and spilled all over the now blooded sea. Writing is a powerful tool, and I consider this bit of information private; sharing with you readers now, makes me feel like a naked person in full view of an audience. Well, the show has to go on…


Nature to Humans

I came across a spat of disagreement between two of my colleagues who I am till now assumed to be evenly tempered. The sudden build up of tension at a rapid rate to result in my female colleague shouting in anguish, is a sight to behold. The fuel to the tension is just simply over a game that would be played on Friday, but due to the difference in perspective about the same event, we end up with two unhappy people. But that opens a new window of perspective for each other. At least we know now that one is a short tempered person, another is an arrogant subspecies, though both are wonderful people in their own way.

It is just like water and oil, both essential, both unique, but can never be mixed together. That is unless you add flour in between and knead them into a dough. So applied to humans, its theory is still the same.

I think I had run this post too meaningless. I’ll end here with lots more to ponder.