And then there are the relatives…and there are….

Need I say much on what has been said on the title? I really think it speaks very much for itself. The relativity of relations, blood-ties, and the so-called closeness of kinship, and the talk of DNA, is it really this, that binds a family?

I am not a biologist, but what I understand a gene pool is that it stems from a main source, and slowly get diluted as the gene pool branches outward. Dilution factor I take it from the main source, is factored at 1:2 ratio for the weaker pool of gene, and these 3 portions will equate to it’s first branching. Depending on the next branching will be another 1:2 ratio depending on the individual strength of the respective gene pool. And subsequent rational follows throughout.

So if this theory is as it said to be, then I can safely conclude that I as an individual may be quite distantly related to whoever is related to my gene pool, except for my brother. And this distance can just be much further than you think.

What I am trying to prove today is not actually about the science of genome relativity. Rather, I would like to point out that even if relations are spawned because we share a somewhat similar pool (or what’s left of it) of DNA, tactfulness should be exercised when it comes to solving a problem. if a solution to a situation has been proposed to the best of the individual, then perhaps the other party can consider it a partial remuneration, and to be wise to consider all other factors of difficulties, and not to jump with an ultimatum. The end result is proven devastating.

Again, I would like to point out this article is not about science, nor mathematics. It is simply about the facts of life, and society that we are exposed to , that becomes what we are today: maniacs.


11 November 2011 or 11-11-11 at 1111 hr…

More than a day had passed since the date and time 11th November 2011, 11:11AM, where better interpreted as 11-11-11 @ 11:11 AM. When a time like that hits the location you stand (have to take into consideration the world is still rotating as it should), did it give you any special tingle to your skin? Did you feel a bout of luck surging through you? Or are you anticipating the world to crumble before your very eyes?

If you feel the latter, so sorry to inform you but the world is still rotating about its axis. Life still goes on, and only those who make a business out of this day will benefit from it.

Have a good life, humans, and enjoy whatever there is on Earth to enjoy.

Water Burial at Bedok Reservoir

The news has been repeating this piece of information for over a few months. A recorded 6 deaths for the period since June of 2011; quite a surprise for the locals in Singapore, not to mention the location. It is an amazing feat for a park so small an area, but becoming a highlighted trend in Singapore’s forms of burial rituals. So far, a majority of recorded deaths are classified as unnatural, and pending investigation. Sometimes, the writer wonders if this kind of investigations necessary.

One example the writer would like to draw on was the case involving a mother and child, embraced in death. The water burial caused a huge uproar among citizen, who are unable to fathom the necessity of such a lavish form of burial. Covering an area of approximately 0.88km²,  it is no wonder a burial site like this is the latest talk of the town. But so far with 6 signing up for such burial over a span of 5 months, business seem to look positive for the reservoir, if only most of these  thoroughly soaked recipients could give an accurate account for their preferred choice of burial method. Giving a more accurate account for their choice of burial could help investigators close their case on them(the deceased), saving on tax-payer’s money, and allowing them investigators to focus on more important criminal cases.

The writer therefore concludes the necessity of water burial is solely based on individual’s preference. But the writer would like to caution members who are interested in signing up for such burials, to be very mindful to the public’s opinion of your (the soon-to-be deceased) actions. Keeping a good account of your intention to be buried in the fair waters of Bedok Reservoir, is vital to saving time and money borne by tax-payers; and it to the tax-payers interest (including the writer), that they be duly informed of your choice, so at least we (the tax-payers) know what miscellaneous are worth paying for. One method you (soon-to-be deceased) can do is to leave a note to your next-of-kin, or someone you trust. Such note can be in written form of any language, or a recorded audio or video. Then set your affairs straight, such as leaving a duly signed will attached with a copy of your identification. Once all affairs are set straight, then you may peacefully depart. Of course, it is subjected to your inner-voice approval.

*The writer here would like to leave on a caution note that such intentions are illegal in Singapore, and would urge all readers with similar intentions to reconsider their options, and not do silly things. There are help available, and you (the one-with-such-intentions) only need to ask.