My first encounter with an Aphasia patient

I was in a train traveling uptown to meet up with my friends. The train approaches Tiong Bahru station, and in comes 3 ladies to the carriage. The eldest of the 3, I assumed to be the relative, was guiding the younger girl by the arm. At first glance, she seem all normal, and shows no expression of abnormalities. When after she was guided to her seat, and she starts questioning. But all she ever uttered was broken up words that doesn’t seem to make any sense, neither could I pin point the origin of the language. The relative beats off her hand gently whenever she tries to speak with gestures, and signals her to keep her silence.
I made a 3 minute sneak observation, taking to mind the actions of the girl, and her caregiver. The girl seem to want to get to something her other relative is holding(an iPad). Bur her gesture was swept off by the eldest. I notice a slight passing of irritation on the girl’s face, but just slight. The youngest was ignorant to the whole scene, engrossed in the game on the iPad. She let the issue drop, and continued her small talk and gesturing, all met with ignorance or dismissal.
I believe I just encountered a sufferer of aphasia.