What I learned after an Election

The gruelling week had all been lessons to learn, activities to discuss on, lectures to attend although it is optional; and the glory of the teachers who won the affection of their student: congratulations to them. The tasks at hand had just started, and the assignments handed to them by their student of their groups, are tasks to be completed in the next five years. The challenges had just begun, and I have a feeling some of the teachers are still enjoying their life in limbo. Here is my analysis.

The main group of teachers, who have long standing track record, though old, believed that they are still capable to lead, to teach/preach for more years to come. This group of teachers are sometimes arrogant, unconscious of the needs that their student requires, and are pretty old fashion, or outdated in some ways. There are a few who are willing to learn, and further progress in order to keep up with the time, and better to lead their student by being better role models. In this, I have to give them their due credits, and not classifying them bad sheep just because a few of them are black.

So though this group have a well mix of white and black sheep, I would just single out the blacks for further analysis. This group of black sheep, though teachers in their rights by vote, were made up of old-timers, and largely primitive to the “good old ways” of organising their lectures and preaches. It was no mistake that a speech has to hold some firm convictions, and stand of goal, but a serious mistake to make a blatant threat to your student. Threat likes “Repent the next five years if you choose the opposition”, are just plain old-school, and will not be accepted by the majority. You may once be an influential teacher, always having your student enrapt in your speeches. At times then, speeches have to be bold, very firm, and cast out like a lion ready to pounce on its prey. Your student then accepts such method of speech with a mix of awe and submissiveness, as it was at times then, where such method of speech proves you as a teacher, a leader, worthy to hold the place in parliament. They salute you then, in 1965.

The time is now, year 2011. Almost half a century has past. In terms of technology, and sociology of human, the rate of technology advancement has increase more than triple, and it has affected human sociology in more ways than one. So said that politics are a study in part to social science, therefore the rate of improvement should be running in parallel to sociology. With such improvements, people evolved; views the way of governance differently, and have different expectations, though largely influenced by the way the world seem smaller now with technology advancement. Threats and fears are thing of the past.  With this information in mind, the statement previously made, would irritate the people of this time more than it did 45 years ago. This is how I define and analyse the black sheep of the group. This group ought to be advised not to be too pompous; reflect on your result given to you by your student, and update yourself in the next five years.

Another group is a different mix of old and mostly new. Some are old in terms of experience in the scene to a small percentage, and new to the newly inaugurated, and thus inexperienced. They have won the respect of their students, and were accepted by most by their sheer conviction and promises to their students to lead as better role models. This group just tasted the top layer of sweetness in a whole package of challenges ahead. Untested yet, they rely on the experience of a few old-timers, who are eager to teach them, and who they themselves are eager to please. They are lucky to have the next five years to prove their worth, and with the slight increase in power to the parliament, to test their strength in the art of persuasion and calibration. When I mention calibration to this group of teachers, I expect the readers to wonder why I made such definition. This group are calibrators to the group of black sheep mentioned earlier. They are tasked to question the motive of the black sheep, and to steer this group of heads out of the clouds where they have been hiding their proud heads for years.

The coming five years will be a time of challenges to both the old and the new. There will be a lot of learning from the old to the new, and a lot of calibration from the new to the old. Indeed, the outlook of the country that is as small as a red dot on the Atlas is promising and I personally hope to see a better evolved government, in tune to the latest era, and ready to bring the country to greater heights.

No more “Repenting”, Singapore!


The ‘X’ shows the true colors

Come May 7th, 2011, the country will witness a paramount change to the way she will be governed. If all else goes, the changes will be very interesting for the next five years.

I will not ground myself to take the side of any party involved, for the purpose of my write-up today is to state the grounds for which politically minded people play in.

I did a little bit of reading, mostly summary of the day’s happening towards the arrival of the vote and I was surprised by the vicious lashing of words brought about by all parties involved in the coming election. My question to all the politicians in Singapore: Is this how you conduct a rally, by pointing fingers at each party and throwing threats to the citizens?

A rally, in my expectation, should be conducted with careful use of words, and manner of speech, that would woo the people to give you their vote. Of course, it should also cover a conviction to the people you seek support, a promise for the next five years, what the party will do, in any circumstances, and stick to the promise. A promise delivered, and you would win the trust of the people all the way to the next election, and more to come.

But all I see are mainly threats, common scare tactics, and biased methods to coerce residents to give the party the vote. This is a very modern, evolved society; no longer an era in which the country first taste the bitter-sweetness of independence. The party should be addressing to a generation who are prepared to give their all to the country, and not forgetting to give gratitude to the older generation, who have toiled and slaved for the country. There is no need for drastic changes, for no one will believe you unless you are God. The people need only simple changes that will lessen the ever heavy burden of their livelihood. The party should listen, make some plans that can benefit most people, and present it to the people to choose. It is easier said than done, but small steps can create a better future.

Living in a country that is blessed with good geological positions, the people governing this little red dot should consider looking into improvements that will keep their local talents into continuous contribution to the country. For now, I see many young and talented individuals leaving the country for better living environment elsewhere, even though the geological positioning of that place is not as favourable. Their reasons: Singapore is getting too expensive to live in, and not feeling appreciated for their contributions. I cannot say I disagree with them, but if nothing is done to improve this, the little red dot will just get tinier. One easy way to woo back the lost and confused citizens of the country: lower the price of housing units. When the treasury is healthy, practise a little more graciousness, and not fattening the pockets of already-wealthy parliament employees.

The current government is mainly made up of party members of the same kind. I have no issues to that fact. But why must a government function in a way that only grants funds to members of priority status (i.e.: members of the same party)? A government body should be looking into the needs of the residents as a whole, and not who takes charge of which areas. Take a layman example: a reservoir of freshwater is linked to a county of 6 towns, and every town head will put a petition to have water distributed to their town. The lord of the county is in favour to 3 of the town’s head and will approve the distribution no matter how absurd the reasoning put forth. The other 3 towns suffered even though their town head wrote very reasonable petitions. But every town still pays the same amount of tax to the lord, why aren’t they given the same treatment as everyone else? I urge the government not to be biased; it is the needs of the residents and the support and contribution they will give to the country a whole that matters. Every citizen of the country pays the same amount of tax to the government; they should be treated with fairness and equality no matter who is in charge of that residential area. The people vote, because they feel the party they vote will deliver their promises; and if the party did not, he will lose the confidence of people come next election. Who is the party taking charges should not be the matter, as long as they do their work well, and take care of the residents well, they should be good to be members of the parliament.

Colours and Party names should not matter, dear residents. Your needs are important. Choose your given options with care; and hope for the best.