This is not charity!

Another episode of work related relationships gone too far; or was my request too much to ask for?
Money is a sensitive issue always, be it human to human relationship or work related, even business point of view. When tackling this sort of issue, I try to be as tactful as I know how to, and in a way which I hope they will accept it. But perhaps I either did not voice out my opinion clearly, or I was being taken too nice to be taken advantage of. I’d like to think of it as the latter. So I monitored the weeks going and it seems to be doing alright. Work on the ground is in a slow and in my opinion, I need not waste extra resources by opening to overtime. So I walked around and inform my team that I will be shutting for the weekend. The response especially from one member ticks me off in particular.
“so I can earn OT mah” was his reply.
In a sensible business point of view, I should not even consider that reason enough to allow Overtime to take place just so he can earn an extra $100 while my business makes no profits and still looses $350 to his contracting boss. This clearly is selfish of me but I have based on the above factors and made my decision. Nobody likes to make business that is always in the red. I had been tolerant the past few weeks in allowing them overtime doing very little except to tidy up the loose ends and prepare for a batch delivery. Thus this case stands.
That does not mean I do not listen to his detail reasoning. He address his personal problems at home, how he feels he has no choice but to earn more for being the breadwinner etc. For every one of his case, I find it normal just for most needy families, and I have come across situations far worse than his. I am also a breadwinner; I have retired parents, whole household ups and downs to take care of just like him. Top it off, I have to take care of my car, which I can’t sell it due to it’s drastic depreciation rate, I also have to pay for school fees, whole family insurance and I earn lesser than he does; simply because he is able to clock at a higher rate for overtime than I can ( I am only given a small fixed rate allowance). Lastly, he being a male and served in the army, are paid more due to their service to the government.
Is it too much to ask for, when it is only 1 weekend less of earnings? If he thinks that I am being unfair, he should be asking himself this: would you blindly pay your employee extra when your company still can’t make profit, accumulates losses, and business is declining? What would you do if your company is going down? Put yourself in this position. If his answer is yes, he should start his own company and hire me! I am more than happy to work like this! I loose nothing and you as the boss of the company is loosing all! This in my point of view is being greedy, self centered and in-compassionate.
It is not easy for me to come to this sort of conclusion, and I really want to help my team earn, but I can’t just ignore the problem and turn a blind eye to the reality and the fact that my boss will also not accept these reasonings as well.
He can fume and be totally unhappy about this decision, but I think it is only fair if he can think about others before himself when it comes to situations like this. Being said, I am not implying that he is a selfish person all the time; he is really nice, friendly and helpful when it comes to non-work related situations, and he can go beyond his means to make your day. But I do wish he will be more understanding to my decision, and not trying to override me to suit his situation. sometimes you do not always get the whole orange to yourself.
That is why the words “understand” and “share” are created.
For the record, I have returned to the company to work a few hours without being paid over some weekends, because I need to fulfill the time lost while on courses, as well as my conviction that I not take advantage of the company gains that I feel I do not deserve.
If ZKY is reading this I hope he understands. And this also serves as material for analysis and debating.