When words just aren’t enough…

It has been a fruitful year for most, I believe. To my readers, I wish you the best of the new year 2011, and let’s all learn more about the world we live in, and the cultures that separates us human into many races.

I have been reading the news in the flash this recent 2 weeks (at the fastest glance I could manage before having to leave for work), and the number of reports about race clashes, bullying between different races just to tick off the government, makes me wonder if a new era of evolution for the human race in rapid progress?

Take an example: A recent news concerning a Dominican and a Haitian that sparks off a racial clash in Santo Domingo. For this issue, it is about an argument over pay between a foreman and his Haitian worker. As quoted in the article by FoxNews.com:

the Spanish-speaking Dominican Republic depend on the labor of Haitian migrants who often cross the border illegally. The darker-skinned, French Creole-speaking Haitians are resented by many Dominicans, leading to discrimination, mass deportations and even lynchings.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/world/2010/09/26/dominican-haitian-killed-race-fueled-dispute-wages-construction-project/#ixzz1E8Q6vmLj

The reason behind this dispute seem very small, meaningless from certain point of view. But as a saying goes : “Baware of dry fields yonder hills.” A spark is all it takes to start an inferno.

How did this happen, and what is most important, why! It is reported that Dominican Republic relied pretty much on the cheaper labor by their border-sharing Haiti. Countless streaming into the vibrant cities, from gazing over the hedge of their motherland for far too long. It was only when they took the few steps into what they feel was liberation, when they find themselves buried in the sinking sands of despondency.

Life is never as green as the grass on the other side of the hill. The sun makes it a point to polish and shine both sides of the face. But no lambs ever say “Baa-ram-ewe” and starts sharing the fields.

As much as the Dom Republicans enjoy hiring the Haitians for a fraction, some are just not happy to receive a bowl of half eaten rice, and some crosses the line to insult the others intelligences. The Haitians may have received half a bowl of rice for coming into Dominican Republic, but dreams of getting the bowl of half eaten rice as well. This of course does not bode well with the D.Rs. Thus the dog meets cat, the stare, the hiss, the taut, and down the alley, till both are battered and wear.

Is this ever worthy? I’d hardly dare say yes.


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