You Good-for-Nothing old prat…

Because of that bit of pity, a bit of kindness to someone especially when he is a relative, and of a senior status. She has been found guilty due to that few little bits.

Guilty of a crime punishable by law, guilty because she has acted out of kindness and pity to one whom she called Uncle. Now this guilt has caused her to lose her status, her life as a free person, and her future to nurture generations to come.

A sympathetic fool, to open the door of her family; to let in a loser to his faith. He who knows not the true meaning of his faith, acting the goat to gain glory to a person who despise the very same religion, and try to influence others into accepting a new belief that was wholly created by him.

This man, tries to be a God, and what better way to get people to recognize him, than to show an anger towards others that he has the power and control. He can influence, take them as his own, and use them against those who defy his existence. His hatred is groundless, just an annoyance because he felt like a second-class. Now one fool who follows his every words, tried to take over a control of a country so small, that she can only squeak when attacked. This man is no other than Mas Selemat. And he is a fool to follow a man who tried to be God, and defy his own religion.

The lady who gave up her happiness for pity, is the niece. Let us hope, she will be pardoned in future, and be given a chance to learn from her mistakes, and start afresh. Forgiveness given from a country, can prove a far more powerful agent against the ways of the fools.

A Political integrity (with references to Myanmar’s state of rule)

The news was buzzing on the recent events surrounding the political happenings on Burmese land. Firstly we take a look at the military hold onto power that resulted in an election, which some says that is nothing but a façade. It was claimed by many who viewed the election was just to mask the sad truth that military junta aims to continue its hold on the rule of Burmese land Myanmar, since 1962.

As far as a country’s governing system and political views are concerned, I personally am not against the primary rule of a country by military junta. My stand to a welfare of a country is that as long as the country is able to function well to its normal day-to-day activities, healthy financial growth and its citizens welfare are taken care basically, that would suffice for good governing.

But what has been reported for Myanmar’s situation is not all that rosy.  Looking back at its past, one piece of news clearly shows the military junta’s refusal to step down even after the committee had lost in an open election more than 30 years ago to the National League for Democracy lead by Nobel Peace Laureate Aung San Suu Kyi. The government annulled the election without grounds, and issued new Orders on basis of legitimacy and proposed all parties to recognise the order, failing which would lead to arrest and imprisonment. Many party leaders opt for exile, after the Order was announced.

I derived a theory to try and reason the option taken by the various parties who chose to drop what they had envisioned, and fled the country. Back to basic, if you were given a free option to choose to terminate a contract at no cost, and you took it after affirming its claim, but it changes its terms based on nothing, after you sign your agreement, would you still want to believe this contract anymore? It is natural human reaction to the given situation. The party leaders do not trust the integrity of the government anymore, and fear that if they were to stay on, their lives could be at stake.

Another piece of news states that from 1988 on, after the State Law and Order Restoration Council (SLOR) was renamed State Peace and Development Council (SPDC), it has crossed various boundaries that were deemed as abuse of human rights. I call it a total abuse of power and downright dictatorship. There were numerous reports and claims of such by members both local as well as all over the world.

In my opinion, when the SLOR were disbanded and SPDC were constituted, it seem to be a form of rebranding the government party to portray a wholesome feel for the rest of the world to see. But the system did not change much. In fact, I believe it to induce further acts of ignorance, and plain tyranny.

One claim of such abuse of power was frequent reports of forced labour, and forced relocation. Civilians were forced by the government to transport food and other forms of goods to military zones. Most of them unpaid, and were threatened with acts of violence and torture.

Schools, education institutions and refugee centres were forced to shut down within weeks of a natural disaster, after the government feels that these places are better off being a centre for other political uses. Civilians were instructed to return to their homelands, which were mostly destroyed by the natural disaster, and to start the rebuilding without any form of aid provided. Now, how does one expect to rebuild a home with nothing on hand?

My view on this type of situation: bullying and oppressing future uprising or overthrowing of power so that only they and those agreeable to their rule will have a sure-win chance of continual rule of the country. This type of power-hungry governance will stop at nothing to achieve their aim, or to get what they want. Such government are sore losers, narrow-minded lot, and prefer a feel of superiority to others.

To cite what I have stated to the above paragraph, I would like to stress that is a general terminology that sets with my own definition to the culture, and methodology of this system.

Argggghh…So Confusing with a capital ‘C’…

I’m taking some time off from my usual studying period, to write out a frustration I had over the last few weeks. It was just some casual remark by some of the members in a forum. But to hear such remarks made by some of them members, especially from some that have vest experiences in life and all, it’s really hard not to push it off and not giving it another thought.

What exactly had me bugged for so long?

It all started with some pen, paper, and a topic that I have always been fascinated. I studied on the topic for about 2 weeks, penned down the important notes and information for the article, and when I felt lost, I looked for professionals in an online forum for information. When I’m done with the piece, I had it sent to the publisher. It was all done on a whim, and to try my luck to earn an extra few pounds. I never expected that the little article got published and as a result, I got paid my due.

I started writing a few more, and it had been a successful few months. But real-life work kicks in, and I stopped that hobby altogether with my photo editing interest. That was when I started dabbling on the blog experience. And this is the result.

I was having a chat with some of my close members of a forum one day, and one of them, an uncle asked about my school. I related the difficulties I faced, and the knowledge I gained otherwise, and he looked at me with disbelieving eyes.

“I would have thought you’d take up something more related to language instead of computers! It doesn’t seem like you at all to do something you have no confidence with.”

I was taken aback by his remark. What amazed me further is the few others agreed with him! They advice me to consider a switch of programme, but I had already done half of the programme! I would like to make a change but both topics are something I enjoy doing, and I feel that what I currently pursue will be useful in my future too.

That is what got me confused these few weeks. I do not know what I should do.

What should I do? Advice anyone?