The next Atlantis?

It’s late July nearing August, and I just battled a small pool of water that was collected at my doorstep earlier in the morning. Blessed as I had that no flood water could reach the 15th level of the apartment I stayed in currently, and the ground floor of the house that I moved into sometimes over the weekend for some quiet time. I must say the recent weather here locally is not at its best behaviour. A check through the weather charts showed signs of El Nino activities stretching from late last year till mid this year, and though normal weather activities resumed during late April till early June, it doesn’t stop Mother Nature from showing us who’s the better player when it comes to messing up the climate charts.
News in the afternoon blares about the floods affecting the many regions, including the busiest district in Singapore: Orchard Road. Businesses affected, owners frustrated, complained that the building management should do something about it, when their shops are located at a open-concept, basement level!
The flooding earlier in the day is partly due to the tropical storm that travels from the Philippines to southern China, and Vietnam, brought about by the wonderfully mixed warm and cold winds in the South China Sea. So the seemingly innocent morning precipitation, supersized into massive downpour, results in furniture escaping from their owners’ household.
So will Singapore in decades to come, be the next Atlantis? When that time comes, I hope I won’t be in the celebration party then. Because I am a sore loser, I do not want to face Mother Nature in her winning glory.