Are we degrading Earth faster than its struggle to balance?

News about blizzards in Summer, frequent earthquakes, multiple typhoons, numerous floods and unearthly thunderstorms that simply blasts louder every year. These are signs and patterns that seem to echo some form of code year after year. This is generally my own opinion, and you may or may not agree totally to what I am about to put into theory. But I am certain that for some years, these signs and patterns seem to repeat frequently and with increased ferocity.
I would like to group such pattern as a form of natural balance of Mother Earth. Earth, as much as we know its existence, and its powers, there are a lot more to which we do not understand, or we presume to understand but were greatly mistaken.
So the question here now is, as Nature struggles to put the balance back in place, we are busy trying to tip its scale; who is winning? Who is faster?
We dig up and nearly exhaust the natural resources we have, Nature retaliates by giving us the Cold Feets, or a cleanse, or reconstruct our very landscape so that the scale will be balanced once more. But given the sheer number of human population, and the power each individual wields, Nature seems to be losing in the speed department. So it further attack by unleashing a series of weird weather changes, driving our scientists up the wall.
As the battle rages on, it’s time to take sides.Which side do you choose to help?