The humbles of Tim Burton

Tim’s movie making style never ceased to amaze me. Once again, he has done it with the passion, and the creativity all bundled into a nice neat little package. But this is only what I perceived from many of his movies.
The original Alice in Wonderland, speaks of a girl, battling with her inner conflictions; her struggles to differentiate right from wrong, and the story also touches on facing fear, and learn to overcome the problems one faces even in reality.
In truth, I have yet to finish reading this story by Lewis Carroll, but what I have perceived from the time I started reading this book, it has filled me with amazement, joy and confusion, all mixed into a concoction brewed by Lewis himself.
I especially enjoyed (up till where I stopped), about how Alice thought her thoughts aloud, or as one say "Talking to oneself". The quirkiness of Wonderland before her shows how much Lewis himself fantasizes of a world so very different from ours, yet at the same time, seemed to reflect on how complex the society has become, that everyone has become as mad as the mad-hatter, or tyranny as the Red Queen herself.
A truely enjoyable piece of work I must say, Read the book, before heading to the movies!