Just because a chicken wants to converse with a duck

Many a times we watch documentary, studied basic science in primary/secondary school, some went on to further their knowledge; just so we are able to group a whole variety of animals into subgroups like: Mammals, Fishes, Birds, Insects etc.

We could further diversify till the whole chain looks like the  biggest rainforest tree in the whole wide world, with only one word to unify everything to its root: life

So a recent news article talks about unhappiness among a subgroup of mammals was raised. and it’s all due to a breakdown of communication, and misinterpretation of guidance.
Take for example, a group of birds, all different kinds, at an open field, and someone throws a load of fruits and nuts suitable for all. How is it possible that this group of birds are able to enjoy a meal so peacefully together? It is obvious they do not speak the same tongue, but they are able to enjoy it together because of a common understanding among them, that this load of food is free for all. When a particular nut was spotted by two different kind of birds, and both are unable to speak the others’ tongue, they end up fighting as they are confused at the other party’s action and intension.

Now I do not enjoy writing anything that has got to do with the colour of our skin, neither do I enjoy writing about the faith you and the one next to you, believes in. But this kind of hurt over an issue as small as “an alternative use of words in a different language”, I am unable to keep quiet and assumed that the sky is blue.
What I am trying to say, no matter the colour or the language, that breaks up a river into smaller tributaries,  we are still connected as one type of sub-species: Homo-sapiens. The reason the word ‘translate’ was added to a dictionary, its sole purpose is to bridge the differences among us. If a misunderstanding occurred, these words: ‘meeting’, ‘conference’, ‘discussion’, all have a purpose to be in a dictionary. If we are to solve a problem the way the wild chimpanzees do (for information: when one tribe of little hairy attacked another tribe of the same kind, they will eliminate the whole of that tribe, sparing none; this nature is due to territory issues that I shall not discuss further), then I believe I shall end this rant with one last word: FOOLS.

p.s: This is an original piece of work, thus I reserve the rights if you intend to use any part of this whole article for any purposes. This piece was written in reflections to a news article published in “The Straits Times” between January 11th to January 13th, 2010.


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