The good deals at Bakerzin

This weekend marks the last week of August this year. I am glad to say it has not been wasted!
A good source told me of this wonderful deal happening at Bakerzin island-wide, on their half-priced dessert menu! Imagine having to fork out less than SGD6 for a well-decorated, heart-warming dessert, served piping hot from the oven, or icy cold from the ice-cream counter. Classique!
That is exactly the kind of feeling I experienced when dining just for wonderful desserts with Bear today. Well, she informed me of this wonderful deal sometime back, and I just had to try it! So since today marks the end of Kaizen week 3rd Quad, might as well have myself a little pampering and relaxation before struggling through my coming assignment. It was a gruelling week since last Friday, having to juggle various obligations at the same time, and I’m sad to say I have failed in 90% of them. Most of my energy were apparently spent on Kaizen and many other ad-hoc tasks that makes it even more of a challenge to pass through a day without staying back late to try to finish up work. As a result, I lost a kilo this one week, and am not feeling at the peak of my time.
It is pretty much of a rush to come up with a plan to go dessert hunting and a movie for a nice night out. But we did manage to come up with a plan to catch The Proposal at a good time, and to find a good outlet to have our desserts. The initial plan was to have it at VivoCity, where everything is under one roof, but due to the limited seating at the choice slots, we are left hunting for a better place. After comparing the best of locations, we found Shaw House at Orchard, with some good locations where Bakerzin’s might have been, or so we thought.
Initially, we thought one would be located at Wisma Atrium, but after gathering speed to the restaurant after purchasing tickets and having a quick light meal, we felt that we are going a wrong direction. Checking with the directory, we saw that there were no such eateries in there, so off we go to Takashimaya to try our luck, as Bear recalled that she saw a name shown on the website. But when we got there, our disappointment was evident. It was only a cake shop. So finally, we had no choice but to move on to the last location that we were sure to have Bakerzin. It was by far the only one closest to Shaw House.
When we got there, we were greeted by a long queue. Well, news like these spread like wildfire. So we waited for about 20 minutes before we got a suitable seat. By then, we had only 45 minutes till the movie starts. We made our order of 3 desserts in total: Chocolate soufflé, warm chocolate cake, and waffle ice-cream recommended by the waiter. There we waited another 15 plus minutes before the food arrives, which now left us 15 plus minutes to eat and rush to the movies, not counting the time taken to take orders, to wait for a waiter to serve us etc. But due to time constrain, we decided to pay in advance even before the food arrives, so that we do not need to wait for payment to churn by then. But the food was amazing!! The good thing about all the desserts we tried tonight were not overly sweet, the texture was perfect to a T, and the price at nearly SGD10 per dessert, given at half price! Amazing value, amazing quality! I love especially the warm chocolate cake, with just the right temperature, and the velvety chocolate crème oozing out from the core of the cake, you can taste the slight bitterness of the chocolate, the soft fluffiness of the cake, baked together with a slice of orange creates a tangy citrus base; and add the balance of berries and strawberry puree, gives a feeling of sweet temptations in a forest.
As much as I enjoyed the dessert, I’m really disappointed at rushing through such delectable, when the dessert was well worth every penny spent. But the movie does not wait, and we had to rush off to catch it after using the last 15 minutes to lap up the last morsels of delights.
My overall rating for desserts at Bakerzin is Simply Delectable. I recommend anyone who has a pretty sweet tooth for desserts to at least go and try it once, and you just might get hooked to it!

A horrible fiery incident

This dreadful incident happened on the 5th August 2009. A fire broke out from my neighbourhood block of flats at approximately 2200 hours. I was in the bathroom at the time of the incident, and was ignorant about the whole scenario playing just outside my room window. It was about 20 minutes later, when I started to hear sirens blaring about the streets.


I thought nothing much about it, as it is a common occurrence to hear the sirens at such wee hours, dashing down the expressway nearby my house. But the persistent blasting tickled the rest of my family, so they checked it out. I only join my family 10 minutes later, but what I saw from my room windows shocked my life. A raging fire engulfed the whole bedroom from across my room at block 110. By this time, about 4 to 5 fire brigade vehicles were already at the scene, together with an ambulance, and about 2 to 3 police vehicles. At first I thought “this is a little bit unnecessary to have so many vehicles for just a fire of that capacity”, but as time went on, the smaller vehicles were unable to put out the fire, as it was located at the top level (for that block it’s the 11th storey), and there was no pump strong enough. So reinforcements arrived in the form of the “Big red Giants”, who I believed must have generators strong enough to push the water up to the top storey and put out the fire; that part proved much easier than the setup. The brave men in Black, Yellow and Orange, dashed into the fiery house, which by now, can easily see fire licking the walls outside of the room. They put out the fire in just under 10 minutes.


Down at the scene below, a big crowd of spectators, and neighbours of that block were watching the whole horror right before they eyes. You can see the fear etched in everyone’s eyes. Speculations arise if there were any people trapped in the burning inferno. I prayed the whole night, hoping that it will just be an innocent accident, although I did notice paramedics running around attending to some activities beyond my view.


Well, God gave my hopes up. The following day announcement indicates that a person has indeed died in the room, and investigations on the way to ascertain the cause. And within the span of 36 hours, they caught a suspect, the deceased’s younger son. It was known around the neighbourhood that the 29 year-old was a quiet person, prefers keeping to himself. Whether he is a recluse no one but his family knows. It was suspected that the frequent quarrels and fights with his father, the deceased, ended in fatality.  


I had my own suspicions on the whole ordeal. They figured the son as a suspect because of the frequent fights, but what happened to the rest of the family? Were they too at the scene when this fatal fight happened? If they were, why had no one stopped them?

I can only guess till the final investigation unfurls the whole story.