I recently encountered some very disturbing occurrences in my current working place. People starting to take the law into their own hands, some who are more senior (at least 3-5 years in this dept) bluntly putting the blame on the juniors who are still fresh green grass just plucked from the hills. I stepped into this dump 1 year and counting to half a year more; starting from a very basic task as cleaning up the soiled toilet paper that were thrown carelessly about by the very same team who were in the same dump 3 to 5 years back.

When I phrased it nicely, they were in need of administrative help, which I provided for the time being, since I was the only other female around (apart from an old nag who is deadpan about her scope to seem only wood-dust to cover the manure), but as the group developed, and expansion is in place, all hell rolled out.

A new management, new arrangements, a new bull, and simply overrides the grass the older 3 members (and seemingly wiser) of the herd graze, and plant it to a new calf.

If I were to term it in a manner of a construction sector, the scene would look as such:

Contractor-A got the project to build a sky scraper, and with the blueprint it developed and location selected, started putting down a foundation. Happily they built, and about half the building was erected. The landowner, having some financial issues, went bankrupt and was brought over by another landowner, who discontinued the tenure of Contractor-A and got Contractor-B to continue what has been left off. So in a brusque manner of handling over what has been done, Contractor-A left Contractor-B with very little information to carry on,  especially leaving out crucial information that will complete the structure of the sky scraper. In the end, Contractor-B, with very little to continue, simply start building further upwards, and finally, the whole building collapsed.

Crucial information, not enough training, and not given enough time to slowly expand properly, is what will result in the current situation I encountered. And I hope it will really go down like that sky scraper, then the impact will be felt, and the attention will be refocused back to the dump.

What I mentioned here can be applied to any aspect of  life, from the way a business would rise, to the way the Earth would crumble. It is a cycle that cannot be broken, and if it is broken and refitted improperly, the wheel will still breakdown in the end.

Let’s hope this be a lesson well learnt to all readers who cared to read about this article.

My rant ends here.

Note: No part of  this text may be reused, as I would count this article to be original text.


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