Well, as luck has it  goes, one of my co-friend, suddenly felt light to the head and swoon when he was about to leave for work! Bless his mom and dad who were quick to respond, got him on to a little red and white van tothe nearest Hospital. (Best I would think of: TTSH 🙂 hahaha…)
Well, call me evil, or just plain sadist and I could care less! I just think of it as a pretty laughable matter; basically my guess would be that he probably had a low level of glucose in his red river system, or simply just fatigue, which can happen to anyone who didn’t have a good enough rest, no matter how much he/she claim to have slept.
Naturally, everyone at the workshop just started swooning in an act!
It was not fun to be sick, I’d admit; but it was damn hilarious!

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