There goes my Earth Hour Sign :)

Sign up for Earth Hour! - I VOTE EARTH: Sherine Tang
   Earth Hour 2009 by WWF – Sign up for Earth Hour!

Yes I know it’s a little hard to accept, and also a little hard for the Government to help out on this issue, but if every little bit counts, and everyone put their mind to it, it can work, and it will save the Earth.

That’s for today; I haven’t had much inspiration recently, and I ponder on it; why?

I’ll come up with the answers to it soon, I’m very sure…

For now to my dear friends E and C, I hope a little time out, a little soul searching will yield the answer to the pondering question you guys are facing; and I’ll gladly lend my ever listening ear to your woes.


Supporting Earth Hour people?

Yes I am in on supporting Singapore’s very own Earth Hour! This is where Singapore will join the likes of many other Nations in the fight to conserve energy and to fight Global Warming. But I sometimes wonder: has Singapore done enough to conserve energy? Just take a very simple test: we all know that street lights and many other types of lighting consume energy as well as emitting heat. When you happen to arrive into Singapore at night via aeroplane, you will notice the skies surrounding the tiny island where you are about to land 5 minutes later, is bright and illuminates a reddish brown glow. It’s not just a small spot but I dare say the whole island is illuminated! To me, I believe that we do use up a lot of unnecessary energy in the night!
Well, I have here a simple solution to this issue, and I hope the government might want to consider it…  Highway lightings, though it be very useful to illuminate the route to which cars can easily navigate, I think that it would not hurt to light up alternate lamps at certain period of time, say like lamp 1, 3, 5, 7, 9…etc turn on this 2 weeks, and then lamp 2, 4, 6, 8, 10..etc to turn on next 2 weeks, and vice versa. This will ensure sufficient lighting along the roads anywhere, as well as saving at least 1/3 lighting energy. Car lamps are more than sufficient to light up its own route, so it should not pose trouble. (The only kind of trouble I can think that causes accidents are reckless driving; all the drivers’ fault, got nothing to do with LTA).
I’m sure with this implemented; the government could also do some savings on their side: lesser fuel to burn for energy, lesser bulbs to change, can reduce resources to do the maintenance…etc. Best of all, saves the environment!
I hope this gets across to them though, or efforts I work on, is nothing but hopeless waste to the drains..


Well, as luck has it  goes, one of my co-friend, suddenly felt light to the head and swoon when he was about to leave for work! Bless his mom and dad who were quick to respond, got him on to a little red and white van tothe nearest Hospital. (Best I would think of: TTSH 🙂 hahaha…)
Well, call me evil, or just plain sadist and I could care less! I just think of it as a pretty laughable matter; basically my guess would be that he probably had a low level of glucose in his red river system, or simply just fatigue, which can happen to anyone who didn’t have a good enough rest, no matter how much he/she claim to have slept.
Naturally, everyone at the workshop just started swooning in an act!
It was not fun to be sick, I’d admit; but it was damn hilarious!