What a feaking week!

I am so over the top this week. First to come is a big of a flu that went to full bloom cough, big headache and all wasted out. Then came one irritating issue when i send my friend over to Turf club to get his car. it’s raining and all, so the roads are slippery. This car is turning out from a side road to the main road, which is where I was driving. I am very sure she didn’t check her road condition properly before attempting to make a turn, or that she was too confident that her car, bring mroe powerful than my small one, can turn out successfully. Bad choice of action I must say; for even when I put on my best foot down to the brakes, i cannot match with the slippery roads and banged onto her rear right just as she was finishing her turn. I’m totally shaken from this experience but my friend, being a hot-head, was angry that she didn’t even give damn about my on-coming car, and just turn out when i was probably 50m away from her.  She still claim that I was i the wrong. At that time, I’m still shaken from the incident, and still recovering from my illness I just find that bikering between her and my friend very irritating indeed, well, most of the time i kept to myself.
but it’s all the more irritating when she wants to claim from my insurence over such small little scratches. So it’s time to payback. I’m gonna make her eat her words.

I’m Back!!

yes yes yes to my dear readers!! The Writer is back!! Expect more writeups coming in and oh!! more photos!!!
that’s all for now..too tired liao!!