Tips to create?

Just this evening after my less-than-colourful run/walk halfway around Bedok Resv (Blame it on poor planning; imagine when a majority lives and works in the western side of Singapore, to put their "light" work down 45~60 mins earlier, grab a car, drive halfway across the tiny-like-sesame-seed country to the eastern side just for a thrill of running 4.3km around a park; and finding yourself stuck without proper place to park the car…How shallow can these organizers go??)
So as stated earlier, I did complete the event to my own time, own target and with 2 pretty good kakis as well. In fact, techincally, we did a bigger round than what the rest of the lot put through (2.5km to and back the same route, as I park my car in the other newer carpark unknown to the others), alright to say, I feel we did our best. If Eric Law or Joyce Chong thinks otherwise, they do not have much work to do in the company anyway! I rest my case.
Back to my main point, I was getting ready to send my kakis home when I check my phone to find 4 missed calls from my dad; thinking he was trying to be funny again (my dad enjoys playing prank on me). So I called him back and he told me my uncle landed himself into critical care at SGH (for the ignorant, SGH is Singapore General Hospital) Apparently, he was getting better already when on a whim and being a bull-head, he yank out the flexi-tube that allows him food and medical ingestion (pureed) from his nose. In doing so, he has caused abrasions from his nasal cavity, down the Pharynx, Epiglottis, and all along the Esophagus. So food, liquid and the blood from the abrasions got mixed together and goes up the Esophagus and flows all over and into the wrong directions. It caused him to choke, to bleed from his nose; as well as leaving loads of infections and obstructive-respiratory conditions. That causes his eventual extension of stay in hospital; as well as being put to lie only on a side to prevent back flow of liquid and choke himself again. Being a bull-head, he is stubborn to a T, and will fight to lie in the position he prefers.
It was what I saw that got me thinking again: Wouldn’t it be ideal to construct a clamp-like supressor that can be adjusted to contour to a person’s rest position; at the same time, to be locked to the allocated position so it will make futile attempts for the patient to change position. A standard triangular theory will be necessary as a base calculation for the design. I do not know if such a thing even existed before but probably it will provide help to patients who are required to rest in a stipulated position until deemed fit to be let off.
My Question: Is it possible?? Anyone who has a background in ergonomics science, are you able to advice me on this situation further??
Thanks to my fellow Readers. You guys are wonderful!
Prayers to my bull-headed uncle; and hope for once, he will be good to listen to medical instructions.