The grief fills the air around Asia

Just when the world is anticipating the arrival of the Olympics, a deathly quake hits the WenChuan County of SiChuan, a province in the People’s Republic of China. Measuring at a calculated magnitude of 7.9, it has caused devestation among the poeple of China. I was shocked to hear about the quake as well as fearful for the safety of my good friend’s family, who are local SiChuan residents.
I immediately leave an sms to my friend asking her about her family. They have been really wonderful hosts when I was in China, inviting me into their home, and experiencing their way of life; it is something I can never forget. Thank the stars, they were alright, just the cost of damage to their house is going to be extensive. Her sister, whom I shared a lot of time together with, watching cartoons together, was also lucky that she was on her way to school on that fateful day.
It was only after I got confirmation from my friend that they were all alright, that I heave a sigh of relief!
Now all I can do is to donate to help them rebuild their lives. I really hope the Singapore government will help more by sending medicine to help the injured. If given the same chance to go there to help in the rescue mission, I’d gladly do it without a second thought! I will do all I can to help calm the anxious; to grief together with the griefing; to warm the weary hearts with simple, but healthy meals and to celebrate the joy of another life being rescued.
If only….But it is least possible for us normal civilians to volunteer ourselves.
Sighhh….till another time

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