Ha! Just how far can you run??

Well, as the title goes, it is has been almost a week now ever since the highly publicised news headlines about the Country’s most WANTED:
As joyfully as the name goes, he is one slippery eel to catch. Pictures of him have been duplicated countless of times, and Bloody Mas Selamat is an overnight sensation all over the world!! What an easy way to get famous for all the wrong reasons. I bet he so much overjoyed by the prospect of himself doing an autograph session, he must be practising it somewhere using ready stationary stock from IKEA. Then perhaps when he has got the time, to plot his way through, just like "Brain" in "Pinky and the Brain" for world dormination! I have this to say to this mental git: "You of what army?? fighting against the rest of the world will only yield NIL"
Anyway, just for the public to know, I will try to sum up his description as best as I could:
Mas Selamat is a tan looking Malay Singapore fellow, about the average height of 1.6 meters, slight to medium built. He doesn’t look to be walking with a limp IF he is just taking a leisurely stroll. BUT IF he runs, or walks with haste, it will most probably be with a slight limp. He could be celan shaven, or be spotted with more than just a well-cropped goatee. Anyone PLEASE, if you have have any info regarding the fugertive, Please call the Locl police hotline!
We must all be vigilant and work as one!
Good Luck
 my readers will need to keep their eyes peeled

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