It’s so long..”unupdated”

Haiz…It’s been so long since I last got on the blog, and actually doing some entry on top of  my article work. It’s really a mess now ever since after CNY, I was in transition from my old job to a new and hopfully better job (half-government type, how bad can it get??) It’s the first article job that I’m really motivated to do, since God knows how long. It’s going to be a cloumn piece for another teen magazine, and I hope to get in as much research as I possibly can. It’s going to be a really crashing job as I’m running with time as my mortal enermy. Tingles’ just persuaded me to watch a japanese movie with her (Name’s L’s Death Note spin off; that Japo bloke looked really cute and all..) I agreed to it although I must say I’m not used to sleeping late now ever since I started work at this new company. I have to wake up at 5:30am every weekday and get ready to leave home by 6:15am plus if I can make it (I’m a lazy bed person, so I need a really big persuasion to get out of bed). I start work at 7:30am and from where I stay, it’s about 25km away. I told myself time and time again that I will NOT work so far ever again but as fate has it, I’m still stuck working at the west side while staying on the north-east side of the country.
But so far, it has been pretty good to work at this new company; My new colleagues are wonderful people!
Ah well, since now I’m back online (make it evenings cos I’m not on any network in the day time), I will try to push in more blogs whenever I can, just for my dear readers. I owe them lots!!
Here’s to a New Year (Chinese calendar actually), wishing all who goes by the Chinese Calendar, a year of renewed Prosperity, and Success! Please don’t forget to give me Ang Paos if you’ve  not done so. Thank you very much! Cheers!!
Till anothe time… I must really keep this short for sake of my work…