The days have gone backwards…

The last few days on the beginning of the year 2008, has been pretty rocky for a start. On top of a dish-out of work (and they usually pops up near the evening time), I saw recent events causing a pretty big crack among my close buddies. Apparently one of them is suffering a depressing moment in her life, and trying to cause hurt to herself; but being of a stubborn nature she is, won’t listen to pleas from even her closest of friends. For one, Tinkles is one very close to her, and now because of her stubbornness, and she not wanting to take heed of Tinkles wise words, continued on her clueless "romping"; for such crude words to be used, it does hurt me personally to be using it, but her actions suggests so.
It got on pretty bad, and I think Tinkles is getting ready to give up on her; for she has single handedly, caused Tinkles to loss her work bonuses, and her work quality to drop drastically. Tinkles felt very tired trying to keep up with her and trying to keep her safe. I feel sorry for Tinkles and I hope this wayward friend of mine will seek treatment for her ailments.
Then the most recent blow to me, is the fact that my hotmail account has been hacked into and all contacts been wiped clean. apparently, this happened last night when i was using my brothers’ Imac (he installed windows XP on the poor mac). somebody must have got through to my account there and did  a bloody good job about the wipe. Lucky for me, my dear nephew informed me about the email, and I was able to trace it from then. But it is a hell a lot of trouble, and I will not be able to retrieve most of the contacts on the address book except those on MSN Live Messenger. So who says that a Mac is virus/bug/hack free? Not when you have Microsoft infused into the Mac’s brain…

Are You Clear Singapore??

I recently got an Email from CitiBank asking me to join their CCC series, or Citi Clear Card series for those who are unsure what I am talking about.
That is the link cos Apparently, Spaces can’t view HTML at all.
*not woking blog hyperlink

here’s what it’s said of me, when I played the survey for fun:
You are a simple person, or lazy. Sometimes both In addition, you love to relax, as long as you don’t get dirty. In spite of that, being adventurous, tired and cold seems like a fun idea to you. On top of it all, you love art and nudity, or nude art. Interestingly enough, what you find fun most people would describe as ‘nuts. Quite rightly, you find doing nothing and working hard to be completely incompatible. Not only that, you don’t like to be unhygienic, uncouth or unhelpful. Somewhat unusually, you fear slow death, fast cars and all mediums. And finally, your tastes are simple, trite and malleable.

*Warning: This is 1 of 134,217,728 possible personalities that can be deduced from taking this survey. Rest assured, all 134,217,728 of them are absurd, ridiculous and have no bearing on your actual personality, unless it happened to be right.*

Well, I am unsure of its accuracy, but here it is!
Anyone can tyr it out!

Happy New Year 2008!

I, after a boozy 1st January 2008, I was too stump/tired to write anything (*Even the internet was ****** during the transition to the new year*). So I would like to Wish All Readers Happy New Year! 2008 has arrived (and so is the Beijing Olympics! China Rocks big time!!!)