It’s going to taste bitter but…

I know I have no rights to judge based poorly on news and reports, but it’s a personal view and I will be solely responsible for what I have to say in today’s blog.
It is sad to have to hear about the death of another politician under the hands of the Al-Q maniacs. These people seem very confident when it comes to getting rid of people whom they claimed are unsuited to be political leaders. But I wonder sometimes, these confident group of gun-welding hoogens, having to enjoy deciding the fate of important leaders, why don’t they try taking to office and lead a country for once? If they think that they can be better leaders to take charge of a country’s welfare, take the stand!! Don’t be a coward, killing people but shy away from the responsibility to Country leadership.

It’s pretty irritating to see news about these attention seeking accidents. It’s a whole waste of resources with no yields in the end. What the heck is wrong with these people?!


Coming to an end….Brace yourself!

The end of the year is near, and another new year is coming really soon.I have yet to settle my own resolution this year and now I have to think up of new resolution! Why does time just flow past like water from the mountain? If only they can be bottled up just like water, I’d be selling them like "hot cakes" bottled minerial water!! (Bah! Wishful thinkings only)
I had a wonderful christmas this year though, went to cousin Eddie’s home for X’mas eve dinner and let me list down the items that were on the feast that night for abou 50 people:
– 7 log cakes from various bakery
– 5 large turkeys from different deli
– 4 types of ham loaves from different deli
– 3 types of salad trays
– 2 trays of jelly dessert
– 1 pot of beef stew
– 2 different types of spaghetti, each 2 trays full
– coffee aplenty
– tea aplenty
– fizzy drinks in 5 flavours; aplenty
– wine by the crates
– whisky by the gallons
– beer by the kegs
I think there is more than enough food to feed a whole 200 plus people! Well, Cousin Eddie say that those uncooked food will be left for new years’ potluck! Hahaha…I think I will stop here for the moment to stop myself from laughig too hard..
Wishing all Readers Happy Christmas and Welcome the New Year 2008! Reach for the skies, fellow Mouseies, our year is ahead!! For those who are unsure what I am talking about, check out the Chinese zodiac.

Always the last minute rush

Recent events had caused me to stop my blogging for more than a week! I was pretty over flooded with things to do, especially in the evenings. I do not why I am needed urgently only in the evenings but one of such evenings caused me to work so late, it was way pass midnight before I actually finished my part and go home.

That happened on last Friday, where a tender for an integrated resort at Sentosa will cease tender admission by Monday. I was actually relaxing, slowly enjoying the coming of weekend and drawing the layout slowly as I would normally do. Little did I know that by mid-afternoon, my load is being increased to doing more than just drawing and calculation! Price quotations from suppliers and quantities come in and calculators are being worked to the near point of explosion. (opps! Exaggerations as always 😉 ) So that’s what I was doing until past midnight before I knock off; and since tinkles is nearby, I waited for her before we head out for supper before home. I did not eat that whole day and by the time we reached Lau Pa Sat, I was weakened by stomach flu and gastric, that the first touch of food is a painful experience. So much for reminding tinkles to watch her health when I am neglecting my own. (Now I sound like an old nagging hag).

Then another thing which bothers me a lot is when tinkles complained of harassment by an alleged EX of her S.O. It is nothing unusual to her way of life (to my point of view); but what really angers me is the fact that this EX is a member of the government civil-protection group or better to put it this way: a police officer. If facts were right to a T, this lady officer, having crossed the line between professional work and personal life, apparently checked up on the information of tinkles and got hold all of tinkles email addresses, maybe even other information. She went on to email tinkles and subjecting to both tinkles and her S.O to unnecessary stress. I for one can’t remember her name as tinkles only mentioned it briefly and I have pretty poor memory with names. But I recalled that she is stationed at Queensway or Queens-town police centre. I personally thinks that being a respected part of the governmental board, it is not in her rights professionally and as an employee of SPF, to check up details of somebody she apparently is jealous about in her personal life. She absolutely disgusts me totally. Knowing what she had done, she could be prosecuted for it if she is caught breeching the privacy of  civilians, especially for no apparent reason than personal means. I was hopping I’d see my cousin during Christmas and talk to him bout this case of his subordinates, and maybe get him to help tinkles in whatever way he could.

Amendments and more

O.k….First here, I would like to make an amendment to an error I had report on my previous post. The officially over Sitex2007 holds a standard 2 halls space instead of 1; but due to the lack of insight, and for the fact that it all seems more like a typical night-market fair to me, it looks all small and puny. So yup…that is my little bummer, hope the readers will forgive on this.
Next point, is the part on the fair Miss World 2007 event held over the week. It is to be congratulated to Miss Zhang Zilin of China to be crowned Miss World in her own country, host of the event. This is the part on the reports. I personally feel it’s about time the Chinese Dragon to flutter out her wings of splendor for the world to see, and to feel the influence that makes them wonderful. Well, besides the win, I will so bold as to comment on her looks. Did you readers noticed, how much Ms Zhang Zilin looked like an actress with the exact same surname. Know who I mentioned?? It’s the famed Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi! They looked so alike  (at an angle), that I thought it was her who got crowned Miss World! Well, perhaps I need thicker glasses.
ziyiThis is Ziyi
Zi%20Lin%20Zhang%20This is Zilin