Wondering why the day pass by so slow..

It was just another day facing my computer, wondering why is the day passing by so slow… I was doing some data entry and updating since morning; 2 simple tasks, and no matter how slow I was working on them, till the time I finished, and I looked up to the clock, it’s still one and a half hours before I am released from my duties. I questioned myself: Was I too slow or was it because I have nothing else better to do than surfing the internet aimlessly, playing games (Last I heard my nephew was terribly upset that I keep killing him and I replied "Well..Easy Target!"), and reading up on the metering code of conduct (interesting the government bodies could cough up a whole document of 55 pages, but readability status to most of the public is perhaps only 35). And recently, I have an unusual liking for instant noodles; instant soup and corn nib-lets. Maybe it is because May-chan isn’t around to brighten my day. Sigh* She is off to Thailand for a nice getaway with her family, and I am full of envy! I just wish I got "dog poo" Bak-Hu to munch on if she happens to buy it. That would really make my day!
Anyway, my bid did not make it through for the magazine. So it’s a real waste! *second Sigh*.

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