PC test

Last night I left the PC on, execute the program Zachy sent me, and what a bummer! He gave me what he called his "Graphics Simulator", meant to test out the graphics card in the PC. Told me to leave the program alone, for it will run about 6 hours straight; and after that to give him my comment on the program. I did it, left the PC on and went to bed. Somewhere after 1 a.m, my PC shuts down, and restarted I left my speakers volume to about 5 so it’s medium beep, and it woke me up with the shutdown music. I didn’t give much thought about it (I was so sleepy I didn’t care if my PC starts going on fire), then I guess it restarts the PC and the program continues running (I believe so cos I can hear soft music, the same as what the program played when I first started it). So somewhere around 3 plus, a terrible "BANG!" from the speakers, and I levitated from my bed! I thought the speakers burst! That sound gave me a BIG shock, woke me up from my slumber with a heart-rate of maybe 100 (I estimate the amount but my heart was beating very very fast). I got up and turn off the speakers, swear that I will get even with him even if I have to fly all the way to London to get at his ruddy A**! (Of cos, that is if I can amount that budget to do so).
So when I finally woke up at  6:45am, my PC had already been shut down (He said it would shut down the  PC when it’s over with the test). I didn’t want to crank up my PC again for I am just too lazy to care about the outcome. Now I feel aches all over my body. Next round it’s my turn. A nice little P-nab program for him, and it might keep him busy for a while *Wink*.

Oh dear…the mom-to-be in the office just fell down from her chair…Hope the little angel inside is not in a shock..


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