Sitex2007 event

Yesterday evening straight after work I zoomed down to JP to pick up my brother to go for SiteX 2007 @ EXPO Singapore. For my dear overseas readers who know not about this big event, it’s a huge sales of Computers and computer/electronic related goods at cut-throat prices (for numerous items anyway). But this time the event was a little blunt than previous years. only one unit of the expo hall was actually occupied as compared to previous few years where it’s normal to hold 2 halls or 1.5 halls. But we went ahead to check out the gadgets and was rather dismayed to see a large portion are selling LCD TVs, HD type recorders etc; and very little on Desktop/laptop items. But I stilled braved the large crowd and packed car-park and thankfully, it’s a good catch I got a Sata2 connection HDD from Hitachi (nice 160GB) for 60 buckeroos! Pretty good bargain ^-^. We didn’t last long at the place (we finished all booths within half an hour), and started to feel hungry so we left for home (and the CP fare is $2 plus!! Damn good business loh!!). So this morning I related my views to Tinkle, and she assured me that everyday is a different feel; new stuff will be up for sale etc. Well,I doubt it will change much; the only way is my next visit to the place this Sunday, which is the last day of the fair.
To my sweet local readers, if you are in for getting your IT fix or consumer-electronics fix, do make your way down to EXPO these few days, and unless you are meaning to buy something really large in size; don’t bother to drive there. Finding a place to park will take up approximately 30 minutes depending on your luck. If you have the weekend to spare, you could come everyday and see the changes in place…Usually it’s the $$ that changes like a stock market. If you see changes on the Friday or Saturday, you can let me know by dropping me a note here! I’ll be ever glad to hear from your views ^-^y I personally prefer the first day or last day of the fair where I might be able to see a great difference. (*Wink)


A big spend in these few days

I just paid the fee for parking in my work place (a whooping 90 buckeroos!) That left a pretty burnt up hole in my pocket. Not only that; I also paid 65 buckeroos for my housing car park, and another hole in my pocket! >-< Now I am in need for kind and generous donations from you, kind readers. Please donation to my personal fund, for the sole purpose of entertainment. ^-^ I will be ever greatful! Pretty please!!!

Hmm…now I found out… No one actually entered into the guestbook I have here…

Wondering why the day pass by so slow..

It was just another day facing my computer, wondering why is the day passing by so slow… I was doing some data entry and updating since morning; 2 simple tasks, and no matter how slow I was working on them, till the time I finished, and I looked up to the clock, it’s still one and a half hours before I am released from my duties. I questioned myself: Was I too slow or was it because I have nothing else better to do than surfing the internet aimlessly, playing games (Last I heard my nephew was terribly upset that I keep killing him and I replied "Well..Easy Target!"), and reading up on the metering code of conduct (interesting the government bodies could cough up a whole document of 55 pages, but readability status to most of the public is perhaps only 35). And recently, I have an unusual liking for instant noodles; instant soup and corn nib-lets. Maybe it is because May-chan isn’t around to brighten my day. Sigh* She is off to Thailand for a nice getaway with her family, and I am full of envy! I just wish I got "dog poo" Bak-Hu to munch on if she happens to buy it. That would really make my day!
Anyway, my bid did not make it through for the magazine. So it’s a real waste! *second Sigh*.

I am Thankful for…

Today marks the Thanksgiving day on the Calendar.  Here I will put up the events I am thankful for:
I am most thankful for the opportunity to be able to get a car this year
I am greatfully thankful to my parents for their great support this rough year.
I am greatful to NAFA for accepting me on a course as interesting as multimedia.
I am greatfully thankful for the fabulous support and companionship given to me by my friends and peers alike.
Lastly, I am greatful to the big divination above (regardless of any religion) for providing me this path to walk.

So have a turkey ready, yall~ It’s time to feast!
Happy Thanksgiving, readers!!

Bravo TPs!!

Yesterday after work I was going home with Tinkle. we drive out of the industrial park, going towards Holland road as usual (a frequent hangout place too). but as we pass by Biopolis junction, we encountered a jam. so when we got closer, we found out why. A motorcycle had crashed, causing an accident. but the other party involved is the TPs (Traffic Polices) car. Though I do not know who is the first person to crash, but I find it amazing! TPs (the angels who guard the public road and ensure safety on the road) being directly involved in an accident! So as we passed by the mess, I point a thumbs up at them for a spectacular crash! hahahaha (*feel kinda evil that split of a moment; who wouldn’t?)
So well done, TPs! If that poor biker is the victim, your A** is grass!

PC test

Last night I left the PC on, execute the program Zachy sent me, and what a bummer! He gave me what he called his "Graphics Simulator", meant to test out the graphics card in the PC. Told me to leave the program alone, for it will run about 6 hours straight; and after that to give him my comment on the program. I did it, left the PC on and went to bed. Somewhere after 1 a.m, my PC shuts down, and restarted I left my speakers volume to about 5 so it’s medium beep, and it woke me up with the shutdown music. I didn’t give much thought about it (I was so sleepy I didn’t care if my PC starts going on fire), then I guess it restarts the PC and the program continues running (I believe so cos I can hear soft music, the same as what the program played when I first started it). So somewhere around 3 plus, a terrible "BANG!" from the speakers, and I levitated from my bed! I thought the speakers burst! That sound gave me a BIG shock, woke me up from my slumber with a heart-rate of maybe 100 (I estimate the amount but my heart was beating very very fast). I got up and turn off the speakers, swear that I will get even with him even if I have to fly all the way to London to get at his ruddy A**! (Of cos, that is if I can amount that budget to do so).
So when I finally woke up at  6:45am, my PC had already been shut down (He said it would shut down the  PC when it’s over with the test). I didn’t want to crank up my PC again for I am just too lazy to care about the outcome. Now I feel aches all over my body. Next round it’s my turn. A nice little P-nab program for him, and it might keep him busy for a while *Wink*.

Oh dear…the mom-to-be in the office just fell down from her chair…Hope the little angel inside is not in a shock..


So help me; For I am bored outta my wits! I snoop around facebook aimlessly, flip my layouts around unknowingly, stare at the $ and pound and yen flowing in and out of my brain. but there is nothing for me to do this morning!
I hope something comes along soon or I am going to drool over the layout, sketches, and maps.