Yay…I won….something =/

Hmm…I dunno how  to express in this manner, but… Apparently, I won something from reading a magazine "HWM"  (for those who are unsure what it is, it is called Hard-Ware Mag). It was amazing…I myself can’t remember taking part in the contest for the August edition! But thinking back, I think I did…just can’t remember what is the contest about…
Initially I thought it was just another spam mail (the things about emails, it’s just like opening your snail-mailbox and finding a load of trash flyers and junk mails..waste of natural resources).
But anyway, I am glad I won something (the last time I ever won anything cool was the Coca Cola contest, 2nd prize is the pair of FILA blades)..Does that mean my luck is changing for the better???
I don’t think so….
Maybe tonight I might wanna read the stars…check out my luck through the wonders of Astronomy!! =/
That’s all the rant for today though…
P.S: Hmm…nothing much to do today…Have been drawing and doodling at my table when no one is watching… *shhhhh….
P P.S: Oh! Thank you for adding me, James!! Hope you also enjoy reading me blog…Hahahahahaha…

My first 1.1k viewership

Yes Yes I understand…This is a silly additon to today’s blog but I just can’t help it… It feels like the time is suitable to make a humourous speech. Well, here comes:
"I feel so honored to be awarded my first 1.1K viewerships in my MSN Space. I would like to thank my mom, dad, my bloody-nosy brother for their care and concern over my growing up etc… Thanks to my close buddies (you pretty ladies just rockz~); to my dear god-brother Den: I would have given up writing blog and creating silly icons if not for him~ Keep up your good work at your draw-blog! Thanks to my mentors @ schools past and present (you guys young and old still kick-ass!!!) Also thanks to my colleagues and bosses both past and present for your great financial  support (I would not be able to feed myself without you guys). Last but not least to the ardent readers who enjoys reading my blog: It’s your support that counts. Thank you all once more!"
Alright, now that is some bloody speech I can think up within just 10 mins….Hahahaha…I haven’t even thought about writing these if I had not chance upon the statistics.
Some rant today…

The last fasting day of Ramadan

It is the Ramadan event, a month-long fasting for our Muslim brothers and sisters. It signifies a month to cleanse and ponder through the wrong-doings of the year and pray for forgiveness (if my guess isn’t wrong). A very peaceful event observed by all muslims (and pretty healthy too!), where they will ceased to eat when the sun is up; refrain from doing sinful things like lying, cheating etc.. during this holy month.
So today marks the last day if fasting and our Muslim bros and sis can look forward to a great celebration of overcoming the last year of errors starting a new year, fresh and wiser!
So, Eid ul-Fitr, Selamat Hari Raya ! Gongxi Gongxi (I can’t help but add a bit of Chinese verse for luck!)

How busy can A&E get??

On a Tuesday, I was having a normal day at class and after that my friend called to complain of repeated vomiting and dizziness (it was pretty late in the evening about 9pm. So I drove to her place, and fetch her to the hospital (shall not go into detail the name of the hospital in question). Of cos at this time normal clinics would be closed so we headed to the A&E department for walk-in treatment. Payment was made at counter before consultation and that took no more than 15 minutes. It’s the waiting that kills all patience in me.
We chatted for more than half an hour before she got called to the consultation room. Lasting no more than 5 minutes she was told to get some urine sample for testing and that passed in a moment. Another wait of more than half an hour before the nurse called her in for an injection of medication to curb the vomiting. But it’s not helping. My guess is that a full day without proper food had already rendered my friend very weak, they should be giving her some glucose drip to put her in better shape before administering more medicine, but I thought they would have know what they are doing. They are, after all, professionals. So another hour passed before they agreed that she should be put on a drip and be observed for another hour when I crumbled (it’s already a bloody 1 a.m in the morning!!) My friend knew I was bleedin’ tired and asked me to go home without her. I see there really isn’t much I can do; for she might as well be staying here for an overnight observation so I drove home alone. But I was so unhappy about the way they do their work. They should have known what to do first; when my friend informs them her stomach can’t take in food for the whole day.
What if it is a case of a stronger medication being administered when a person is weak from not being able to stomach food? That person might suffer more.
Think, you professionals!!!
Hope my friend recuperating well~~~

To the dear people of Myanmar..be Strong

In light of the civil dispute that is happening in Burmese region of Myanmar, I pray that everything would calm down soon, and no more blood to be shed there… It’s a very sad scene that the military government and the civilians could not get along well, or even to sit down in proper and have a peaceful talk. Nothing good will come out when blood has been spilled on the floor. The monks on behalf of the common folk, should be holding a negotiation with acting Prime Minister Thein Sein, senior General Than Shwe on improving the present situation where both side can come to a compromise; a common-ground…

My prayer goes out to you, dear people of Myanmar.

It all comes down to the KaChingz

"After discussion with the higher management, it was decided that travelling by own car is too expensive. So next time don’t travel by car lah. Take a taxi loh."

Ah well, another unhappy decision being made on the usage of money. In the end, everything is boiled down to the dollars and cents. Typical sadly, that bosses and top honchos alike should be made from the same cast (Again, I might stress, that not all bosses are created equal. Take for example, my ex-company during my attachment: ST-Aerospace. Maybe it’s a lucrative government-owned industry, therefore it is heavily funded).

So after an ear-full of the joke from dear Marilyn, I just shut off from whatever remaining speech that comes out of her mouth (of cos I nodded obligingly, out of politeness; I am after all, human).

It was after she left me to my business, my mind is made up instantly: I will graciously claim this wasted trip as my own expanses. Let’s just say I’m gracious enough to donate this small amount for this small company and that I am not a calculative person. On top of their policy that it will not cover season-parking or anything that has to do cars for lower management (so-called scum like us in the company). It’s an even bigger call from the stars above that I should be looking for a new job as soon as I finished my studies. Just the same, I’m making use of the company as a temporary source of continuous income ^_^