Bored at work

I knnow it’s silly to be wondering on this subject: Work Bordom; but it just came clear to me, how bored I feel on the job. I am not absorbing the information being plated to me, and even when some happen to slip in, I can’t seem to digest well. It comes to my mind…is there a calling to me to change a job? Contradictively, I have only been on the job for a mere three months, what the hell am I suposed to complain about; maybe it might take a turn for the better~ But my conscious shouted:" To hell with this job! It stinks, it’s way out of your comprehension, and you just can’t seem to be able to focus on your main goal!"
So I’ll just give myself another two to three months and I’ll fly off to something else..maybe creative department or design…
Anyone want to hire me on? I have a keen interest in art, photography and design. I have just learned photoshop, freehand/illustrator, dreamweaver, and going on flash and Director CS. Hahahaha…Like anyone would take notice of my post like so…but if anyone (I really mean Anyone intending or seeking to hire!!) does come across..please leave me a note here (locally is good, but I’ll consider about abroad if the chance is good!!)

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