Bored at work

I knnow it’s silly to be wondering on this subject: Work Bordom; but it just came clear to me, how bored I feel on the job. I am not absorbing the information being plated to me, and even when some happen to slip in, I can’t seem to digest well. It comes to my mind…is there a calling to me to change a job? Contradictively, I have only been on the job for a mere three months, what the hell am I suposed to complain about; maybe it might take a turn for the better~ But my conscious shouted:" To hell with this job! It stinks, it’s way out of your comprehension, and you just can’t seem to be able to focus on your main goal!"
So I’ll just give myself another two to three months and I’ll fly off to something else..maybe creative department or design…
Anyone want to hire me on? I have a keen interest in art, photography and design. I have just learned photoshop, freehand/illustrator, dreamweaver, and going on flash and Director CS. Hahahaha…Like anyone would take notice of my post like so…but if anyone (I really mean Anyone intending or seeking to hire!!) does come across..please leave me a note here (locally is good, but I’ll consider about abroad if the chance is good!!)

Avry’s MV (got it from her webbie!)

I found this on her webbie; thought I’d share it with readers who are keen on her MVs as well..can go to her webbie:
p.S: Apparently, MSN removed the MV due to formatting problem (I was assured that pasting the script poses no threat to copyrights whatsoever) So readers will have to go to her webbie for the full story!

I’m a fan of Avril all over again ^^

I brought a copy of her new album (The Best Damn Thing) and blasted it away at my combo!! She totally rock in this one, And I’m head-over-heels in luvvv with her  all over again!! I also add up a sneaker of her song, also the best one in her album I reckon! So If you readers enjoy this song, please show your support and buy her album at your nearest music store!!!
This album has more soul put into her songs; deeper emotions are felt when you played the first few number. and it slowly rocket to something more real, more true.
At first I thought she would do something more deadpan given her second album wasn’t as cool as I expected, and I deducted some marks off her; but this time, she has managed to redeem herself, and I’m glad for the good comeback! Nice job, Avril !!

Halo 3 endings

I vision about the halo-3 endings gotta have something to do with the master-chief able to overthrow the Covenant from Earth after a long, risky and terrible plot attack.
But I also do think that, one can’t just always have the baddie dead and the good guys victorious! So Even if said Master-Chief is a born for combat, breed for war member of the Spartan II program, he will in the end die a hero after completing his final mission.

Mark This Date

Today, as of the date September 11th or 9-11 , marks a death anniversary for the many lives lost in the twin towers of the World Trade Center in the United States of America. Also Praises to the braves who sacrifice their lives to help and defend the innocent.
I will gladly pray for you guys, and burn flowers for your souls on Hallows’ Day (also termed Halloweens’).
That’s the days’ rant till another time~

Wake Up Britney!

It has never occurred to me that I be talking about a celeb, much less someone who is from the hyped-up entertainment industry. But it shoul dbe time this person wake up from her drunken stupor and make up for lost time. I am talking about you, Young, Hip Britney Jean Spears. All my life, I had never wanted to talk about entertainment as a lot of such news are done so that these celebs could score points to their portfolio. The higher chances you get spotted, the more famous you become~ Therefore, some will go to any lengths just to get noticed.
So here’s Britney, recently divorced Kevin and became a new addition of the "Single Mothers" club, and maybe her popularity has gone down due to her absence to be a mother to two children, she is using whatever means to gain back the dipping popularity she has lost during those times. But what a way to display!! Party like a crazy animal; Showing what little she have to the public; shaving her head; throwing funny moods in public; and now giving a sloppy performance in the recent MTV awards program. I really wonder what other hair-raising news will she deliver to the mass-media? Go shopping with her kids, suddenly go wild and strip to let the public gag at her lumpy figure? It’s going to ruin your image, as well as your kids, sister…if you keep up to this tempo. Well, unless it’s what you want to, so that your kids can grow up, go to school, and be teased by many: "Your mother must be a crazy b****, who like flaunting her **** body for all to see" or "Is your mom a night-club stripper?" "So do you have any idea who is your biological dad? I dont think it’s K.Fed";
You better wake up, sister…Turn over to a new life.


I was reading old news papers on the increment of the ERP stations in singapore. And I have a few things to say about the system. It’s a personal opinion, so I hope Harry wouldn’t mind my sharing my views with the world (to whoever who wants to read it).
Question: Has the LTA board come up with a feasible solution to increasing traffic problems?
As many locals (and even some foreigners) know, the old system of road pricing was used to be situated only around the junctions covering the CBD. But with the introduction of the ERP (Electronic Road Pricing), pay-as-you-use system has become convenient for the public but not drawing much profits for the government actually. In subsequent years, roads that pined as congested are also hit with an ERP system. The board members believed that by adding the stations on congested roads, it will improvement traffic conditions on that piece of road.
When some of them do not seem to work accordingly, as the road still became congested after a while of smooth freeway, the board decided to increase the price on selected stations, stating that it is for the good of the public.
Now as practical motorist (including myself, a new addition to the ever-destructive colony of ozone destroyers), it is only natural to find a new route which is ERP-free, and easier to pass. When his new route is found, words will spread. Then soon, that stretch of road will be a crowding sensation overnight! When the board finds out about it, they will smack it down with an ERP plaster. So it solves the problem for some time. The road became smooth sailing again, more expensive; and people starts looking for new roads. Maybe in time, some of the stations will not even receive a single user due to newer routes that are not affected by the ERP system. And well..The whole process will just keep repeating until maybe all major roads will be fitted with an ERP station!
By then, the majority people might convert to using a bicycle. Therefore! Did the LTA board come up with a good solution to busy traffic problems? Apparently…not…