My new baby has arrived!!

Finally, after weeks of hicups and mistakes, I am finally introduced to a new baby: my little blackie Chevy Spark. I am so not used to driving it initially, being a diesel van driver all the way since I passed my driving. I can still remember on of my instructor saying to me "Girl, your driving skills are not up to par. Your parking skills esp. verticle parking is horrible. If you pass, try not to drive anything that has big blind spots like a van or lorry. It is dangerous." Well, I passed my driving and the most common vehicle I drove is a mini-van! Gues I’m just looking for trouble. And there I got it smacking my face right now: I am so used to feeling the vibrations that comes from driving a diesel engine, that I can’t seem to feel the soft purr of my car when I got on it. I start cranking the engine again and again until my friend next to me gently reminded me that the engine is running smoothly now and that I can start my journey home. My first big blunder. Next comes the biting point. Diesel engine vehicles do not need much pre-acceleration to be able to pick up easily; therefore I got so used to releasing my clutch peddle then, that now it’s hard to kick the habit once you got into a petrol driven car. Along the way, I find myself having to start the engine numerous times. Big-Time-Blunder!!
Ah well. I am very happy to have this new baby, although it will srink my pocket a lot more than I would allow, but for the sake of my studies, my family, and my work (be it any job I apply), it would prove useful in the long run. ^^
Cherrios until next time
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