They are spinning, spinning…

I checked my count of votes and am really dismayed at finding that I am loosing and I am loosing fast!! I learn that my article is lame and all but it’s supposed to be a comedy; something you read and laugh! Something I thought about for some time before putting it in ink, so that I would not be able to offend any country into believing it as a terrorist threat. But the votes are really a sad issue…
Anyway besides that, I read the recent news on the Tornado that swept across Kansas, USA. It is a really sad issue overall, being hit by one big bloody disaster after another. But what can the people do? This one is a natural Global Vacuum cleaner,sucking up everything in its path.
Come to think of it….I dun think I publish this entry that  I have wrote a few weeks before…boy, am I really busy!!
Another entry coming up!!

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