People Please Lend Me Your Full Support!!!

I have made a "News Report Article" Recently on spiderman sighting in Singapore, but my ratings are not doing too well, in fact it is horrible ratings!
I want to have better improvements by extending my invitation to fellow Singaporeans and Singapore PRs to vote for me in this competition!!!
Your one time support is all that I asked for~!!
Please Help me attain my dream of becoming Singapore’s best crap reporter!!
I would also like to thank all those who have supported me in one way or another; those who have voted for me (Thank you!! No words can describe my feelings~~) The brave characters who gamely posed for the photos that were uploaded (Especially the very cool interior of a Lexus 300 series thingy Car); To all my fellow supporters who have had a days’ laughter due to the apparent lame-ity of the article, and how much vibes it projects just by the naming of the characters!!
Thank you all once more for your One-Time Support!!

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