Beijing Slang

I had spent almost a week here at Beijing, China. The weather is chilly at the first few days, drying up my skin and face, especially my lips (and No! it’s not from any kissing issues whatsoever). 我在上一两个月到上个星期才搞好堆在船厂的Damn发电机,过着又闷又热又脏又没有女厕的一个油船!!!气死人的!一整天从早到晚都没得上厕所!!!真是不公平!只能看到男人有公共厕所可用。最后那些不可思议的巴西人在我正最急的时刻到来witness the systems’ functionality test. In the end, on my last warning day, they agree to the function test conplete with punch-list to clear at a date before the vessel set sail to Brazil. 到这时,已经是星期五了。。。我很累,但是又得赶着回公司把该带的工具装好,休息了半天有得忙着把工具放好进行李箱。星期天一大早就出门去机场了。在飞机上好好睡了六个钟,到了北京,已经是三点了。(但没有忘记飞机上竟然有冰淇淋吃!太高兴了,我连两个正餐都免吃了!)^^
Well, my Chinese is getting better and better, eh? There ends my short rant in 70% Chinese. What do you think,小恶魔??

They are spinning, spinning…

I checked my count of votes and am really dismayed at finding that I am loosing and I am loosing fast!! I learn that my article is lame and all but it’s supposed to be a comedy; something you read and laugh! Something I thought about for some time before putting it in ink, so that I would not be able to offend any country into believing it as a terrorist threat. But the votes are really a sad issue…
Anyway besides that, I read the recent news on the Tornado that swept across Kansas, USA. It is a really sad issue overall, being hit by one big bloody disaster after another. But what can the people do? This one is a natural Global Vacuum cleaner,sucking up everything in its path.
Come to think of it….I dun think I publish this entry that  I have wrote a few weeks before…boy, am I really busy!!
Another entry coming up!!

People Please Lend Me Your Full Support!!!

I have made a "News Report Article" Recently on spiderman sighting in Singapore, but my ratings are not doing too well, in fact it is horrible ratings!
I want to have better improvements by extending my invitation to fellow Singaporeans and Singapore PRs to vote for me in this competition!!!
Your one time support is all that I asked for~!!
Please Help me attain my dream of becoming Singapore’s best crap reporter!!
I would also like to thank all those who have supported me in one way or another; those who have voted for me (Thank you!! No words can describe my feelings~~) The brave characters who gamely posed for the photos that were uploaded (Especially the very cool interior of a Lexus 300 series thingy Car); To all my fellow supporters who have had a days’ laughter due to the apparent lame-ity of the article, and how much vibes it projects just by the naming of the characters!!
Thank you all once more for your One-Time Support!!