Mixed feelings recently???

Hmm….yup…it’s a pretty quick rant this week on my blog, but I just have to let out. I don’t really know why I feel like so recently…like something important missing in my life that I have either overlooked or just let slipped. I can’t seem to put it into concrete thought~ I lay awake the whole last night just thinking about it, but nothing came to my mind. That feeling unshaken still… I tried to jog through my brain once more on the way to work, while working…poke Panda just to provide me with the correct answer to that bugging but nothing came. Looking into the sky and lighting a cig (for the record, I never like to smoke, so it’s just an action that takes place in the mind), I try very hard to think, but still…It’s refusal to come around really irritate me.
Maybe if I just rant it out here, the answer will come to me~ I hope..

I feel sorry for you Americans but still…

I know I shouldn’t be treading on other territories, but I feel I should really mark a statement on how I feel about a place, where freedom makes a paradise-worth-living, allows the angels to turn to devils. Most of you might disagree to what I state just now, but please allow me to explain why I feel the statement stands.

In the recent papers all over the world, there is the report of a young student, and emigrant from South Korea, named Cho Seung Hui, went berserk one fine day, went to school and created a bloody Monday by means of a massacre that killed 32 and wounded many others at the Virginia Tech University, USA. The uproar of the incident has many American Media pointing their finger at foreigners from other country. For this incident, it is true that the culprit is an Asian, but think about it, he was raised from a tender age of eight, in a country where guns are second best toys among kids; violence can be shown publicly anywhere; authors and movie makers with a perverse mind making stories/movies/cartoons with gory details for Young Kids to enjoy! What kind of an environment is that for growing up? It’s pathetic and disgusting to be viewing a scene like that. I applaud the media for showing to the rest of the world how ugly their country’s way of life can get. And they can gloat about their ever-firm ‘Law’, when the law sides party from the dark side (think the NRA as Darth Vader and Bush as C3PO, you’ll get the idea).

I always believe in the theory to governing a country is the same as nurturing a growing child. The environment you set for the child to grow, the child will grow to suit his/her habitat. Therefore, a country that is poorly governed, all hell breaks out. This kind of cycle can be found in many aspects of life, from nature, to human, to law and politics etc. How a small change to one factor in a group can affect the way the cycle runs. even in the solar system, you will find a similar cycle: If one of the planets were to explode or slightly shift in place, the whole system could very well be altered altogether.

A very good example, in the USA, the government allows their people the freedom to do anything they want, and some people will abuse the gift granted to them, and made a wondrous mess for the rest of the world to laugh at. It’s like a mother not bothering to teach her child the discipline her child is supposed to learn, and her child will grow up never knowing what is right or wrong.

Thus far, I shall end my ranting with this to say to the American politicians: Shame on you guys……

How you find Some of Singaporeans?

I know….You guys are going to groan to what I will be adding to this issue of my blog. "Oh no…Another political issue raised by the ever ‘不怕死’ Ashenly.". But I do think it is pretty fun to take a stab at politics from time to time, just make sure your views are justified, not too rash that you could get slam by everyone else; And most important to me, be fair, unless it’s some issue where fairness is definitely out for the undeserving. Which is why I am adding this issue today.
I got an email from my friend on the graciousness of some Singaporeans. Being a local myself, the image I saw from the email really could make my blood boil. It shows a certain lady in the train cabin, occupying more space than she can make do with. I find the gesture gross and uncivilized. But to think back, it is only one of the image of selfishness I ever encountered. In retrospect, I have seen other kinds of selfishness and ungracious acts portrayed the locals. Imagine a person who wants to alight from a train, and the people who are cramping the exit area are not barging, so he tries to squeeze his way out while whispering "excuse me" to ask others to let him pass, but no one is bothered. So he had no choice but gently force his way through, and those people starts to get unpleasant, clicking their tongue, giving soot faces and all. But what has that gentleman done wrong?? He just wants to alight, and everyone else around the exit area are blind to his intent! Same goes for this particular lady. Around her are people who are standing and could have well used the chairs that are not occupied directly by her butt. But she just wants a more comfortable place to rest, and disregard whoever is around her. If she pays more than her fair share of the standard ticket price everyone else is paying, I’d gladly put "RESERVED" plates on the surrounding seats where she is situated. But where does this behavior  came about? It’s so ugly, and the stink could put everyone off.
What I had depicted are only SOME Singaporeans, not all. This is to be fair to the rest of the locals. I have encountered some who are really gentlemen and well-mannered ladies. I’d applaud you for being gracious to those around you.
As a last off statement, I understand that all around the world, there are bound to have such people around, but it’s not for me to criticize them.

Till another time for ranting…

I am so Angry………………..

I have not been updating my blog recently, and that is mostly due to the amount of work in this company. I have been trying to avoid doing OT for sometime and somehow this isn’t working at all…
Firstly it is the Lame-and-Redundant ISO coming. If you happen to work in a company where ISO has been issued, maybe you will understand why some ISO standard certifications are crap stuff. For one thing, ISO is a level of standardisation where it shows that a company has a system of work where everyone follows. But the facade of this certification inspection, is a total cad, something I would label it as ‘Just-For-Show’. First, the company will compile a load of documentation, rules and regulation and expects everyone to follow it religiously but just sometimes, it’s not possible to be documenting and running tests on full steam. That is what happening to me right now; Due to shortage of manpower or should I say, people who can’t write simple sentences, I have to bear the load of all testing documentations and to top it off with queries coming from all over the world (not true..its actually only from Taiwan, Malaysia, and Nigeria…but it’s a lot already!)
Anyway, I brush pass the impeding ISO with nothing more than disappointment. I tire myself day/night just to finish up what ever documentations not completed, and what is the outcome? The ISO personnel just glance through the factory outlet and ask questions on calibrations! wasted my OT hours~! I would have spend it on hanging out with my friends, and reading comics etc~~~~…
Ah well, I was lucky it is all over and I have some time to play with a new concept of PLC software, the RSLogix 5000! way cool~!
Will write more when I read the political straits.