Just for you Lovelessed ^^

To Lovelessed 小姐~~
Hahaha…I didn’t know…thought you only had 4 days of 考试。。hehehe….Yes I was so busy at first to update my 空间,还有上个星期到了昆明去玩,又没有时间update了。我下个月会到上海去玩。。可能还有别的地方哦,玩就玩上一个月,还会在那过新年!呵呵呵
To reply by means of blog…hmm…isn’t it interesting?? ^^

One response to “Just for you Lovelessed ^^

  1. Lovelessed 小姐 已经新年来到之际改名啦~~如果你喜欢可以叫我 小惡 ~~
    我很期待能看到你在中国游玩完之后的图文日志 ~~

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