Just for you Lovelessed ^^

To Lovelessed 小姐~~
Hahaha…I didn’t know…thought you only had 4 days of 考试。。hehehe….Yes I was so busy at first to update my 空间,还有上个星期到了昆明去玩,又没有时间update了。我下个月会到上海去玩。。可能还有别的地方哦,玩就玩上一个月,还会在那过新年!呵呵呵
To reply by means of blog…hmm…isn’t it interesting?? ^^

The New Year…What Lies Ahead?

Well…It’s been some time since the beginning of the new year 2007, and I found I haven’t written anything to blog the new light!!

To begin, I was really busy during the beginning of the new year, rushing up projects just so that the company can put a few days of rest at our leave expenses, to go to KunMing. I wasn’t really disappointed as I really had a good time there with my colleagues, but the loss of one important memory card, had me in tears over the night. In it I lost so many important memories….it was really saddening 😦 but no use thinking about it anymore…

Now as I am doing my work half-heartedly, I recalled the morning I read about the unusually wet monsoon that had hit south east Asia, especially terrible in Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore. As many would recall, floods don’t occur in places like Johor, Singapore very very often. The last time it ever happened pretty severely was during the developing years, in the early 1960s to 1980s. During those times, drainage systems were not mapped out properly and resulted in some terrible flash floods recorded in some years back then. But after the government solved these problems, the situation has dwindled to only small collection of water in low lying areas; and the depth of the retention varies approximately 150mm above ground level, pretty much harmless to man and machines. It is logical that business are affected to only sweeping water out and blocking it with cloths to lessen the damage.

But as of late last year to the present, a sudden gust of monsoon wind starting from the upper northern hemisphere, around the south western parts of China, brought up a Hugh load of moisture from the south china sea, to be deposited into south east Asia. The result is a regular massive downpour that could last up to 2 days, incurring much property damage all over low lying areas. As reports have it, Malaysia has been hit terribly by the abnormally weepy monsoon, with many parts cover with water that could reach the rooftops of single-storey housings. Crops are destroyed and both Malaysia and Singapore experienced shortage in crop trading.

The questions I am wanting to find out are: the changing of global climate at this rate, is it gradual or is it rapid? How will the end outcome be? At this speed, will Men be able to adapt in time? Is this change a natural occurrence or man-made?


ah well…I will stop ranting now…..