To Hail a down-fall or Pray because of the fall?

I’m not a good study to the history of the Middle-east, or the African tectonics, but to hear the news of a swift proceed on the execution of Saddam, and the ambiguity of his judgement case, brings an argument on wether a fair trial has been issued to him.

I’m not going to stand on the prosecution, or the defense side. Rather, I am going to sit on a wall, and give my view on both pros and cons.

In the news reports, there are many who praise the execution as good tidings to befall for the end of the year 2006: for the countless of lives that were lost in his reign: yields a good omen to new year 2007. I agree, he has been a rather vicious leader, and a bad example of "childish – stubborn – temper". it was through that "My Way or the Barrels’ Way" that cost the locals their lives. The declaration of War with various neighbors and also "Rivals till the end" Americans over the duty of Prehistoric Waste was indeed a waste of time, money, men, and many more natural resources. My personal response to the two-become-one foolish leader remaining, that is the American “黑色会老大”George W. Bush Jr: Please..Donate those natural resources for the improvement of Rural Africa, instead of wasting it on WarCraft.

In the further reports, there are concerns as to wether the trial has been fully thorough, fair, and accounted for. Save for the rebel-dogs who are always chasing their idol Saddam. Some people sympathize that the trial has been rushed through without a complete investigation, and not everything has been accounted, and taken into consideration. It is true that the acts he has committed could pile to as high as the Himalayans, but are all of them pardonable? Did the Council on both sides (or more sides if any), detail every subject pressed against him? It was not clearly stated, therefore bring some people into speculation on the efficiency of the Law-makers. on the views of this case, I too agree that, perhaps due to the various hands caught dipping into the cookie jar at a time, it is hard to determine who are the actual culprits, and how much cookie was taken.

There are many more to be discussed just on the issue beginning Saddam’s Trial till the end of it. But I’ll just cover the tip of the icing, and let actual reports pour in before making further assumptions.

Before I end, I’ll just insert this statement for the mere fun of poking at politics, and it is especially for Saddam; may he rot as befits him in Hell:

"God Bless your Poor, but Distasteful Soul…(just like "God save the Queen")"

My rant ends here….


A Big Break…A New Hope

Today marks an interesting day I ought to put it down in the webbie. By some lucky chance I came upon an internet classified looking for a style consultant. I forgotten to update my resume then but I applied anyhow, thinking what exactly will the outcome be. To my mind, I believed that it is something like a sales and service kind of job, but if they pay me better and the work environment is suitable to my taste, I will surly consider them, if they will have me on the other hand. ‘Cos I am unable to commit myself until may, when I will be getting ever ready for my new life in an Arts Academy! I can almost feel a new life away from 10MWs and 24VDCs!!! Hahahaha….Panda was happy for me of cos, he had to be..or else! hahahaha…

He himself is looking towards a good english improvement, to be taught by me, the old-and rusty-with-no-experience-on-primary-1-2-english tutor. He don’t mind the rusty crusty bit of me as long as the lesson comes free and flexible in time~ ^^


Well..I took a half day leave from this god-forsaken place for the interview. and I wish myself luck! hahaha..Wish me luck too, you people out there!!


My whimpsy rant….ends for now..till another time~

The Loan Spinster of Unilib…

 The award goes to a certain Ms Catherine Goh for selling her worthless soul to the Crappy company and being ever so proud of herself as well! I am really amazed at this lady for complaining about us younger employees so much but doing the exact same things as we did, like surfing the Internet, chatting on skype and going for hour-long coffee breaks…etc. At least we do not go for long hour breaks and chatting openly on skype.. She is basically not setting an example but insists we younger and lesser employees to follow the rules.That’s the award winner.

A total Bitch. Her credits includes working overtime at least 6 days a week, no after-work life except going to the pub that is co owned by the old and moronic Candy, and then getting drunk and cheap. That is why her previous and last boyfriend dump her (and that was years and years ago). So she is now a 30++ aged hen, works very very hard, but makes a lot of mistakes in her work, and still making the same mistakes over and over again. Come to think of it, she could well be sharing the same award as this Mr He JinSheng, for being the exact same species as she is. Only he is a much louder Rooster, who clucked louder than the hen who just laid an egg. The funny thing is that they are all about the same age, he is married but I believe it is for the sake of convenience. So I can safely conclude that he also sold his worthless soul to the Crappy company, but dangling a namesake as disguise.

 The second winner with the moronic candy

Until another time of Crappy Company *Hall-of-Fame* broadwalk. I pray for her to stay spinster for the rest of her god-forsaken life, for the good of the community, and for him to be seperated from his wife, for the sake of her future. His wife is much better off with some other man.