Ao Dai.s and Ms.Saigon

Rest for about a few days and I got an emergency call to go to Ho Chin Min City. (of cause as you know I’m not getting emergency calls because I’m a nurse or doctor…rather it’s got to do with the control panel over at Dong Nai)…so off I go within just one day of notice (interesting how my boss can do such a thing!!I had a carefully planned weekend with my roudy girlz and panda, all gonez!)
But it end up not too bad~the city is a beautiful place and the people maybe a little too dependent on tourist trade but they are nice nontheless.
My partner colleague and I try to help the vietnam colleague to do as much as possible while he is on leave for his upcoming fatherhood. hahaha… (congrats to Vinh for being a New Dad in Yr 2006!)^^
But The place is beautiful!! I managed about a few hours of shopping and I’m sorry to say I can’t get anything much for the girls, but I only managed to get an Ao Dai (vietnamese traditional dress) at about US$16. I didn’t have enough to pay so the store keeper accepts whatever amount in Dhong I have. I can wear that to my Nieces’ Wedding.
I am amazed they accept USD because it is so dependent on tourist living I think it is only reasonable they accept USD to make living easier..and there is not much need to be troubled by so many 0s in Dhong.Hahaha…
My short rant on my trip to Vietnam…just for updates~ends for now..I will post the photos of the trip when I have mroe time…

4 responses to “Ao Dai.s and Ms.Saigon

  1. Hey… I\’m so so wanting to head back soon… Making the best out of it of course… Heh… So many things to do… So little time… I can only prob spent 2 good weeks in Singapore and off to Shanghai, Hangzhou and Beijing after… So i hope to make the most out of the time in Singapore… Coz i\’ll be there for 2 months… Till CNY… Haiz…
    Home home! And Vivocity with you guys! Planned already wor… Heh… 15th Nov prob around 7pm ba…

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