Ao Dai.s and Ms.Saigon

Rest for about a few days and I got an emergency call to go to Ho Chin Min City. (of cause as you know I’m not getting emergency calls because I’m a nurse or doctor…rather it’s got to do with the control panel over at Dong Nai)…so off I go within just one day of notice (interesting how my boss can do such a thing!!I had a carefully planned weekend with my roudy girlz and panda, all gonez!)
But it end up not too bad~the city is a beautiful place and the people maybe a little too dependent on tourist trade but they are nice nontheless.
My partner colleague and I try to help the vietnam colleague to do as much as possible while he is on leave for his upcoming fatherhood. hahaha… (congrats to Vinh for being a New Dad in Yr 2006!)^^
But The place is beautiful!! I managed about a few hours of shopping and I’m sorry to say I can’t get anything much for the girls, but I only managed to get an Ao Dai (vietnamese traditional dress) at about US$16. I didn’t have enough to pay so the store keeper accepts whatever amount in Dhong I have. I can wear that to my Nieces’ Wedding.
I am amazed they accept USD because it is so dependent on tourist living I think it is only reasonable they accept USD to make living easier..and there is not much need to be troubled by so many 0s in Dhong.Hahaha…
My short rant on my trip to Vietnam…just for updates~ends for now..I will post the photos of the trip when I have mroe time…

Ice-cream in front of ice-cream temple.

I am so bored out of my ass recently I cannot even describe how I felt. A meeting with the big furry men went alright but it’s so hard to comprehand what they are saying or expressing in any case…
Anyway, it was a good tiring fews days..just travelling 10 plus hours, feeling the little jet-lag, for a one day meeting and coming all happens so fast it felt like a dream all over! The best was leaving early in the morning 5am to travel more than 4 hours to the airport, seeing only mild sunshine, then hop into a plane, dream all the way, wait for a transit for nearly 2 hours (delay delay..yaya..)and dream all the way back again….so I said it’s all rush rush rush..that it felt dreamy…
Ahh..nothing much to say anyway, it stinks just thinking about it, Don’t ask me why…it just is!
rant ends…..

Oh the Poor People…

Ever been concerned over political issues about the world, and even me local city/country? Yes…Everyone knows about the news where Old Mr. Lee and Old Mr. M were pissed off with each other and now dishing plates after plates at each other. How about that for the two old political tigers?? Here I will point out my views.
Abstracted from a Media News article:

"Lee Kuan Yew
Stirring hornet’s nest
His remarks evoke strong KL reaction and revive issues of ‘Malaysian Malaysia’ and race conflict in Malaysia. Littlespeck.
Sep 23, 2006

Singapore: Mr. Lee Kuan Yew said in an interview, "Our neighbours both have problems with their Chinese. They are successful. They are hardworking and therefore they are systemically marginalised. Indonesia and Malaysia want Singapore, to put it simply, to be like their Chinese – compliant.
We need a government (in Singapore) that will have the gumption and skill to say ‘no’ to our neighbours in a very quiet and polite way that doesn’t provoke them into doing something silly."

Calling the comment ‘naughty’, DPM Najib bin Razak said, "Malaysia does not practise a policy of blocking opportunities for non-bumiputras to progress further…
“I do not know his real motive but.. it is a comment that we can do without and is not appreciated at all. It is not accurate, has political impact and is very misleading.” "

As quoted by

I think that…once a person steps into the political scene with a passion, he will follow the trends of politics to his grave. These two are major builders of their respective countries for more than half their life. They have been allies, schoolmates, and loggerheads with each other. Now both are more or less retired, but still active in the political scene…Why? To my view, as long as both old men are alive, both will not rest until the other is safely in his grave. Old MM once said that as long as he is alive, he will play a part in the political welfare of his ward till his dying day. Why take the trouble? Why can’t the two old men just sit back and watch the future progress like a reality TV show? Why can’t they just release their hands and let the younger ones fend for themselves? It’s the best way for any youngster to learn to survive. I understand both old Men had taste the bitterness of life, survived with a few scars, but lived to tell the tale. It’s time they let the younger generation take the beating and scars. They should find a nice corner where they can continue the battle just between the two of them, over a game of Chess perhaps.  Two old Men who can’t let go of the past and embrace the future, who will ever be in a battle of political wits and ideas, just as long as they do not string in "Sun Tze’s Art of War" along in their battle…I’ll be buying lottery!

My Rant on politics thus end here..for now..