I am sole owner of the house…for now

Hmmm…I sound pretty contradicting, don’t I? Don’t matter, I can spend a week being Queen of my house I’m dead happy liao!!
All my rant for today ends here~ for the time being (佛得體麽被)hahahahaha…..

Had some fun

I just had soem fun surfing around aimlessly…I know..work is work..but can’t I have a little fun? anyway this is what I got:
Which Naruto Character Are You?
Test by naruto – kun.com

try it and have som fun! Hahaha…I don’t believe myself as Uchiha Sasuke…he’s too aloof!

Fuel price ambiguous..govt decision?

I have much opinion on the way the government body act on the recent news about fuel hike injecting pressure on public transport costs. First it was claimed that the oil prices are hiking up almost everyday, and it is near impossible to maintain the current fares, so it has been decided that the increment of a few cents will be enough to cover the overall expenses and provide for the people who are in need of transport needs. There is no wrong in understanding the governmental needs in order to keep the standard of the public transportation at its peak. But what happens when the prices dip? Will the government then lower the fares to suit the needs of everybody taking the public transport? NO! The government will then come up with excuses on balancing out to help those in need. But what happens to the rest of us? Everyone are working hard to help the needy and I believe that given the total sum collected each day (amounting to perhaps nearly a million a day), there is no proof that explains the government bodies are not making away with a lump sum every now and then. I personally thinks that the every object or event that has seen a hike or increment in price, there has never been a decrement or dip. It’s pretty depressing to have a fact as such, as the main thing that doesn’t increase much is the salary an average worker earns.

This rises to other factors that push the ambiguity further. The government encourages people to upgrade, to try to attain at least a degree, no matter. But a fact that many cannot afford to study, even with the help the bank loans and other loans, it just increase the burden, and getting a degree in Singapore does not necessary mean getting better pay, or sometimes a job. Now that’s a bummer. And there is the problem of unemployment; the government claims that they are looking into factors that will help locals with getting a job. And they are recruiting foreigners into jobs that somehow would fit a local. And they say it is to enrich the industries as these foreign talents will train the locals. It is not the case everywhere.

And there is also a subject of speaking good English. The government encourages the residents to speak good English. And then it clashes with “speak good mandarin”. So the Chinese are lost between speaking good English or Chinese. Now how about our Malay and Indian community? How about them speaking good mother tongues? Now if things were rephrased to such that it is “Let’s speak properly”, I think it would have solved at least this ambiguity. It doesn’t matter what language or dialect you speak, as long as you are speaking in proper sentences or manner. And not to mix the languages together as if it was ‘Rojak’, although it would be “uniquely Singapore”.

Ha! My rant ends here for now.

Blame it on books…

I was reading some online story and one tear-jerker really inspired me to pen the following down:
"If one day"
If one day down the road you see me
Don’t reach out and tap me
You won’t want to see my reaction
If one day you see me at my workplace
Don’t come over and say hi to me
You won’t want to hear my response
If one day you see me at a celebration
Don’t come and congratulate me
You won’t want to recognise my feelings
If one day you see me at my wake
Don’t come and attend my pass
You won’t want to know how I died
That’a about it….another rant for another day then.