I am so 无聊 today

Gosh..I can’t believe the office could smell so stinky and terrible after the revamp. The stink of the glue is so strong, I got a headache just smelling the stench.真是臭到我快昏倒过去了。
Anyway, We are now torn between having to move to the room down at the factory (saves the trouble of running up and down all the time), or remain at the office upstairs but a lack of one seat is posing quite a bit of problem. Well, I can care quite less of it!!

Anyway, I got into this site my friend told me about. 我觉得很可爱,就也做了一个来玩玩。^^v. O.k. My rant will end here liao…


What to rant about today???

What should I be ranting about today??? My mind’s at a blank now. I’m so yearning for a good weekend rest and I just don’t get it! I have to work?!?!?? Not that I like it but I have no choice. Panda’s birthday is coming up and I dunno what to get him! He doesn’t seem to want anything (well, things that he wants are just..way out of my own budget! And I want him to use his own earnings to get the stuff he wants: better self-appriciation), neither does he want me to spend money getting him stuff which he dun use (so he said it~!). Well, I’ll just do the one thing which can satisfy both of us:  Take him out to Eat! Just what to eat really?!? I still dunno…Crystal jade raman?Hmmmm…..
Anyway, I think I’ll stop my rant here for now. I have to rack my brains to crack this big puzzle~! Or I’ll die terribly in front of ah Bian in T’wan in defeat! (actually..I’m only bluffing…I don’t deal in politics)


Yesterday marked my first driving of a fully manual mini-van out.(Without a P-plate somemore, gung ho! It’s a cute cute little van, and very comfy!) It’s a powerful little baby, and purrs like a kitten! And the first thing I put it to task is to fetch my dear dear brother Den-Den from the airport. Lucky me got the spacious van, with a lot of cushions for chilling out @ the back, so he can put all the gears he carries back home. He Buy so much Alcohol back, and never even share with me loh. *sob sob…Anyway, it’s way way past midnight before we even reach his home and sent him packin home. I suddenly feel so tired on my way back I nearly lost my bearings and bwang onto another car, also nearly missed turning to PIE heading towards City, so If i missed I’d most probably end up at the checkpoint going to JB. Reached home around 1:45am and just took a quick bath and flop to sleep. Been awake since morning 6 plus, with so much activities: Pay respects to my ancestors, go meet Panda to go jalan jalan, and then came home to rest a few minutes before I went to pick the mini-van for a drive out. Not tooo..bad.
Then today, I am a pig for a day! Sleep for so bloody long before I managed a simple waking up, skip breakfast for lunch and started my day slacking around till dinner, where I drove the brood to dinner near Great world city, have an ice-cream, and then pick mommy up from work (see me so guai again!) Then I went to meet Sarah and Guang @ Prata store for YumCha session, such a pity Zhan cannot make it. There goes my day~Not bad for a good Saturday! (opps..it’s past Saturday liao~ Happy Easter Sunday People)

Some thoughts going through my mind…really

"She really can’t hear us…"
That thought just came to my mind all of a sudden, and it hurts, really..I wouldn’t wanna comment much on this thought though, I didn’t think it was necessary for her to find out, if she ever does that is. She could dwell for as long and as far away as she likes, she already has so many others to support her. Until she is tired one day and she wants to find solitude, and no one to seek, she will return and pour her opinions on us, till she is done, and she can fly, will she leave once more.
Sounds a likable story? I’m sprouting nothing from time to time, and wondering if anyone even bothers to read this pile of text, sitting quietly on one corner of the endless space in the World Wide Web. I’m spinning a tale up, and as time goes by, this pile will grow longer and longer, until maybe when i’m cut off from such things as these one day, it will stop growing. And then it will start crumbling, falling apart, disintegrating to nothing more than bytes and nano-bits.
Since young, I had been dreaming of staying in the countryside one day, when I grow up…Maybe I should head down that path and try it out for myself? I would really enjoy the simple things in life, keeping poultry, and simple greens, a few little cats and dogs and white mice. What a pretty sight. But like I said earlier, I’m sprouting nothing, and time just fly by…exiting into emptiness.
Something Panda reminded me tonight really spurs me to think likewise, hence these thoughts. He’s really good at doing such things it’s amazing he didn’t go further, higher…Maybe I’ll ask him that one day, if I remembers. ^^,

Why must he dig up the ancestral graves?!?

I am feeling so tired at work…totally like…no sleep at all!
Last nite, I received an email from bloody Gavin. After all those months of gone missing, cut contact, and working in LA, he have to come dig up the graves and wake the dead on me. Sent me an email and guess what it says:
"I can still rememeber that night, when I asked on bended knees, I had known you to be the one for me. But I do not know why present situation forced us to act otherwise…"
That statement just drives me mad! I mean..what past is past..if you do not mean it that round, you will never take it seriously anytime. What’s he trying to do after all? What’s his aim? Is he going to prove that he is the affected party and all blame on me??? Gosh…I wish men like him will go to war against each other and in the event, both dies.
One click, and that mail’s into the junk box and flushed down the pipe! I am glad Panda is nothing of the sort, or I think I can just admit myself into a nunnery for the goodness of my sanity.
SO happy now I finished this rant, hope he reads it..if he ever knows…


When my dear dear brother Dennis first offered to share a loaning of a car for two days, I was so skeptical about driving on the real road although I’ve done it quite a few times. Maybe it’s because the car happens to be rental type, and if I (touch-wood) even give it a small little scratch, I’m gonna be so dead dead….
But I reminded myself that I need a lot of practice on my parking so I agreed to drive on a sunday. I took my alive-and-kicking-butt brother along when I go fetch the car. It’s a Mazda model, looks pretty cute! With practically nothing to do, I took the car for a spin around the highways, and went for a fill-up at the gas station. Later brought me mom to work (see me so guai~~~), and head out for a spin before I start to feel tired and promptly went home.
Later, after some time of rest and banging around the house, I finally managed to wake my dad, and he wants to see how well his dear daughter can drive. He suggested going for tea at Changi Village (so far just for a cup of tea), and lucky when I filled up, I manage to overshot the agreed level bu 2 notches so I am all the ready for some serious spinning! Brought everyone to Changi Village for tea and walk walk, then I took the long but beautiful route to the ECP where we stopped for an ice-cream and some more walking along the East coast park. Then Lastly we went to Marina South for some sight-seeing before calling it a day. Then I tried out parking at home, and it went quite o.k le..hehehe..so maybe I should borrow car more often hor! Then comes to 8, Dennis called for the car back, so I drove back to the sports hall to fetch him. He won the fencing conpetition and up his rank (yippie!). Then he took the car and drove us around before we went home.
Opps…hehehe..suddenly write so much..but it’s pretty fun that day!
Till another day bah.