So so bored…………so terribly bored….

I’m so glad I’m much free this week after some heavy-duty work (even I’m not spared rest-days ovr the weekends!) But I need to prepare a pretty tight schedule for next week and get ready to go out to the shipyard often. I really do not mind stationing in a shipyard but I’d be real mad if the crazy Brazilians request that I be on board for 25 mad-hours just to see through to a load test.
Chatting with Panda, and he says he’s gonna be quite free (he hopes) next weekend and we can go watch Typhoon! And maybe a little bit of shopping, or reading in the library, or just….take a walk down the park. He’s a great listener to all my woes and mad-happenings. He’s also a great debater, or an arguer to me, for we are always hot in arguments of anything!!! But made it a point that nothing goes beyond real anger that may affect the good we had for each party.
Anyway, being so free suddenly (nothing to do but slack at work), I find it very hard to be sitting in the office and not doing anything except play with the computer and trying out different effect on the PLC..Terrible!

I played with some quizez and what did I find…

<img src="" width="120" height="115" border="0" alt="Take this test at Tickle" />
        Your lucky charm is a Good Luck Troll!<br/><br/> 
       <a href="" target="_blank">What’s Your Lucky Charm?</a><br>
         Brought to you by <a href="" target="_blank">Tickle</a>
The A-HREF just doesn’t show…wonder what went wrong actually….               
Funny I’d play this…But I’m so bored at work with nothing to better to do, I just thought I’d play a little..have a little fun!..
I’m so tired I’ll stop here, pack my bags and get ready for knock-off!